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PYW’s 2022: The Finale

There can only be one!

Two cyclists, side by side, sprint towards the finish line in a race to determine who will win and who will finish in second place Photo by WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images

Well everyone, its all been building to this! After 24 weeks of competition, this week we will name our 2022 PYW’s champion! But before we do that, we first need our second half finalist! For our final prompt of the season, I asked you the best way the City of St. Louis could honor the newest member of the 700 HR Club, Albert Pujols. In third place, we have a tie between gzimmerm and SpencerO’Gara with two recs each!

At their final home game of the year, have him get pushed around the bases in a wheelchair by teammates that weren’t alive yet when the run began. — gzimmerm

That wheelchair is going to need a lot of handles...

St Louis will erect a 700 foot (higher if he hits more) statue of Albert with Waino and Yadi on either side (slightly larger than life sized). It will preside over Busch Stadium from the outfield side so you can see him alongside the arch while sitting in seats behind home plate. It will be unveiled the day all three go into the HOF as first ballot selections, 5 seasons from now. -SpencerO’Gara

Personally, I hope they make Yadi wait a season, but to show the mother****** that he can’t always call the balls and strikes, but maybe I’m biased :-)

In second place, we find Jack Sommers with 3 recs!

“The Albert Pujols Birth Registry Center”

All children registered at this center are miraculously born -5 years old!

And finally, in first place, we have NikT77 with four recs!

The Cardinals will honor Pujols with a 10 year, 240 million dollar contract

For the last time this season, let’s take a look at the standings and name our second half finalist.


Players Recs
Players Recs
NikT77 31
Jack Sommers 25
gzimmerm 23
Diamondhacks 17
MrRbi17 15
Xerostomia 15
SpencerSpice 11
Kilnborn 9
GuruB 5
Heath Klein 4
FatElvis04 3
Rockkstarr12 3
M_lopez 2
Preston Salisbury 2
TucsonTim 1

With his first place finish this week, NikT77 claims the final spot in the championship! Nik placed on the podium seven times in the last nine weeks of the season, easily walking away with a finalist position.

What happens now? Well, you’re going to vote. I will give you each contestants top three rec’d posts from their respective halves. You will weigh there merits, qualities, and other factors, and, in the poll at the bottom of the page, vote for who you believe deserves the hallowed title of Pit Your Wits Champion! This is a prestigious award, and deserves your utmost care and discretion. Choose wisely!

Jack Sommers - First Half Finalist

Week 2 — Come up with a new giveaway to replace bobbleheads for the 2022 season

TICKETS ! FREE TICKETS ! LOTS OF THEM !! (sarcasm font) How else are they going to break 2 million, per Derrick Hall - 6 recs

Week 3 — What is one improvement you would make to Chase Field tomorrow if you had the keys to the ballpark?

Not only replace but UPGRADE the CF Clock, followed by a picture of Chase Field with Big Ben photoshopped above the centerfield scoreboard — 6 recs

Week 12 — come up with an OFF THE CHAIN signature dish for Guy’s DTPHX Kitchen + Bar that will take everyone straight to FLAVORTOWN!

Fried Rattle Snake, served only on day games. After all, the opposing teams are not the only ones who should be enjoying having Diamondbacks for lunch — 4 recs

NikT77 — Second Half Finalist

Week 18 — What important phone call was Rodolfo Castro waiting for when he lost his cell phone running the bases

He was waiting to get a call from his pharmacy saying his ringworm ointment is ready to pick up — 9 recs

Week 20 — add one unwritten rule to the necronomicon that houses these mythic laws that govern our favorite sport

Don’t chit talk the team you just left to the media in your new town. Penalties include being traded to TLR’s team for a more intensive tutelage on the rest of the unwritten rules — 6 recs

Week 22 — Choose one Diamondback and tell us what they will spend their offseason doing

Madison Bumgarner will once again assume is secret identity as Mason Saunders and try to recapture his former baseball glory by roping cattle (sarcasm font) if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Followed by a gif of a crazed looking cowboy wildly swinging a lasso above his head

Jack and Nik have done their part. Now it’s all up to you, the voting population. In the poll below, choose who you believe had the best showing between the two in their respective, winning halves of PYW’s 2022. Go!


Who is the 2022 PYW’s champion?

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  • 38%
    Jack Sommers
    (7 votes)
  • 61%
    (11 votes)
18 votes total Vote Now