Creating a Superstar Trio... Of Prospects.

The Diamondbacks were historically bad last year, and although not far off removed from contending for the playoffs I don’t see this teams core being enough to push much further than a .500 record. Especially with how loaded the NL West is, continuing to play for mediocrity is not something I personally am interested in. With how MLB works you are either a team that can pay to win or your a team that has to build from the bottom up with multiple home-grown star players.

I believe it’s time to blow this team up to try and create the best farm system in the league. Now with as many young players as this team has and the depth we already have in the minors, the team should be pining for elite blue-chip prospects over a collection of mid-tier prospects. Yes Alek Thomas and Corbin Carroll are great young prospects that will hopefully help usher in a new era of baseball in the desert, but the top two prospects in our system by this summer will be teenagers.

Jordan Lawlar was a steal as the sixth pick in last years draft and should be a signal as a prep-player that the team should be playing the long-game with the rebuild. Now with the 2nd pick in this years draft the team has a chance to add another star prep-player in either Elijah Green, Termarr Johnson, or Druw Jones. That’s two blue chip prospects who aren’t even old enough to drink.

For all these reasons, one prospect comes to mind as someone who I think the team should target, and that’s Jasson Dominguez of the Yankees. Dominguez is a five-tool, 18 year old phenom center fielder. He’s a true blue chip prospect that would fit right in the timeline of Lawlar and Green/Johnson/Jones. That trio would be one of the best trio of teenage prospects in at least the past decade. Now with the ceiling that Dominguez possesses comes a hefty price.

The Yankees have a few needs as of right now, namely shortstop, centerfield, and catcher. If the Diamondbacks truly decide to blow up the team, two players with the most value on the team play two of those positions. Ketel Marte and Carson Kelly. Now after having discussions with Yankees fans it seems that to them even Ketel Marte wouldn’t be enough to trade their young star prospect. To them and to a lot of scouts, Dominguez has best player in baseball type of potential, and that type of potential doesn’t come around often. I have come to a point with my fandom of the Diamondbacks that I am absolutely exhausted of the mediocrity this team continues to churn out and can only hope for them to swing for the fences.

Is it absolutely crazy to be ok with trading both Marte and Kelly in a package for Dominguez? The value might be insane, but like I said, unless your a big market team, the only way to win championships is by developing homegrown superstars and teams don’t part ways with prospects like Dominguez even if the value makes sense. Could it possibly blow up in the teams face? Yes. To me, is it better to take the chance than continuing to retool a mediocre roster expecting more than mediocre results? Also yes.

Watching the Suns reach the finals after tanking for so many years and finding their young studs to build around makes me believe in this path. Watching Kyler develop into an MVP caliber player and leading the Cardinals to the playoffs in his third year makes me believe in this path. Watching the Astros and Braves have as much success in recent years makes me believe in this path. It’s a risky road to take but one that could yield the result that all professional teams strive for. Championships.