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Snake Bytes 01/31: Viva Las Vegas

Ken Kendrick moves the D-Backs to Las Vegas.

Nevada COVID Contact Tracing App Activation With Entertainers, Showgirls, Chippendales, LV Raiders & Community Partners Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for Experience Strategy Associates

Diamondbacks News

[] Ken Kendrick moves the D-Backs to Las Vegas

In a wild move Las Vegas local residents have taken the streets in a desperate attempt to prevent the D-Backs from playing games in the Nevada city. Chants of “A or Ray but Kendrick Nay” were a popular go by along the strip this weekend.

[Twitter] Keith Law’s Top 100 prospects includes 7 D-Backs

I am sure there will be soon a follow-up on this.

[Twitter] D-Backs international signing class of 2022

Around The MLB

[CBS Sports] Shotime!

Shohei Ohtani takes the cover of MLB The Show 22.

[Sports Illustrated] Minor League Player Advocacy Group Criticizes MLB Housing Plan

Just a question: why wouldn’t you want to keep your minor league players happy? A positive environment can only be a good thing for the motivation of prospects.

[WBSC] Historic: MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers sign two players from Uganda

Sorry, but gotta give them kudos to the Dodgers.

Across The Wall

[Dominican Republic] How to watch the 2022 Caribbean Series on ESPN Deportes

Lo sé. I know you have been waiting for this for weeks. An update on the Winter Leagues. This year’s Caribbean Series started a couple of days ago and take place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As usual Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela send their Winter League champion to the tournament who then spice up their own roster with the best players from the league that are allowed to continue playing.

Obviously it is normally a battle between the Mexican, Puerto Rican and Dominican champion and as such Charros de Jalisco (Mexico), Criollos de Caguas (Puerto Rico) and Gigantes de Cibao (Dominican Republic) are the 2022 favourites.

It’s not that hard to pick a team to root for: Luis Urueta, D-Backs bench manager until recently, has been leading the Gigantes de Cibao team since last year and did not only win the LIDOM’s title but also for a second consecutive year the Manager of the Year award.

His Gigantes currently lead the Series del Caribe comfortably, going 3-0.

The final for the Caribbean series is set for next Thursday.

Across The Atlantic

[Finland] Finland celebrates 40 years of baseball in the country

The first highlight of the night was when Veli-Pekka Häkkinen and Timo Tiihonen were inducted into the Finish Hall of Fame. The second highlight of the gala was when 40 key people of the last four decades were called to the podium. The moment was named 40 Years 40 Heroes. No one had any idea who these people actually were.

As The World Turns

[NY Times] Expert discovers rare finished Leonardo Da Vinci painting