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New comments system on AZ SnakePit

Use this thread to discuss any issues, share tips, etc. Please avoid “But I don’t LIKE it...” whining. It’ll give us an excuse to use those shiny new moderation tools...

Business meeting: notetaking on a computer Photo by: Andia/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A quick summary of what you can expect from the new system:

  • Easier embeds (just paste the Twitter/YouTube link)
  • Easier rich text shortcuts (control-B for Bold, control-I for italics)
  • Email notifications when someone replies to you
  • See who’s Rec’d your comments
  • Better flagging options and strong anti-abuse controls
  • A GIF library for easy image posting
  • The ability to mute commenters you don’t want to see
  • Easily find the most Rec’d comments

Plus a whole host of features that we’ve kept because they make our communities special, such as new comment highlighting, color changes with high rec counts, Z key scrolling, external image embeds, sarcasm font, and much more.

You can help make it better by emailing Some important information about the change: your old comments are being saved and will be returned to the pages in the future, but for now, stories won’t contain comments posted prior to the changeover. So please be mindful that any discussions happening at the time the switch is flipped will be interrupted.

Your comment history will now be located under the My Profile tab at the top of the comments (not the top of the page), which is also where your comments archive will be restored when we bring them back.