Attention Dbacks' Collectors

I'm not sure if this is allowed here and if not then Jim or a mod can feel free to delete it.

I'm in the process of thinning out some of my collection, my wife and I are thinking of moving this summer (if we can find a place without getting ripped off) and will end up in a smaller house.

I have neither the time or patience to sit around "pricing' things on Ebay or some collector's based web service, I've donated a couple of boxes to the library and have thrown out quite a "bit of stuff. So as you can see making money off this stuff is not a priority, the time and effort wouldn't justify the means anyway.

I have some Dback stuff I will give away, the only caveat is you have to drive out to Surprise and pick it up...all of it, what's listed below is a package deal, you take it all. If someone lives to far away I'd be happy to mail it but you'll pay postage through my wife's PayPal.

The list:

1998 Media Guide

Volume 1, Issue 2 of Diamondbacks Magazine, April 1998 Opening Day with Andy Benes on the cover.

"Inside Pitch" March 31, 1998 Opening Day Program, unscored.

November 7, 2001 Special Edition Sports Illustrated issue commemorating the World Championship, Randy Johnson cover.

2011 All Star Game Program, unscored

2014 Dbacks vs. Dodgers Opening Series Program from Australia.

Two Randy Johnson bobbleheads, one of which is the limited edition HOF with him holding his plaque.

You can reply here or if it gets deleted DM through Twitter.

Again, no negotiating this is a package deal. We can meet at the State 48 here where you can buy me several microbrews.