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Snake Bytes: 1/12 - Negotiation Eve

Negotiations are tentatively scheduled to resume tomorrow, but given that no one is currently feeling the squeeze, will there be any progress?

Sources Report MLB, MLBPA to Hold Bargaining Session Thursday
MLB reached out to the union to set up the meeting, during which the league plans to make a proposal that touches on some core economic and competitive issues.

MLB, Apple Discussing Broadcasting Rights
MLB is reportedly in talks with Apple TV to discuss Apple taking over the Monday and Wednesday night games that ESPN previously laid claim to.

Jon Lester Announces Retirement
Jon Lester finishes his career with more than 200 wins and the distinction of having been a key contributor to braking the World Series curses in both Boston and Chicago, combining to win three championship rings between the two.

Matt Snyder’s Hypothetical Ballot
CBS Sports’ analyst, Matt Snyder released his hypothetical Hall of Fame ballot. Notable is that Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, and Ortiz are included, but A-Rod is not.

Dan Shaughnessy Makes HoF Ballot About Him (Again)
For the second year in a row, Shaughnessy submitted an official ballot with only one name checked off on it - Jeff Kent. Given other names that fall into the same category as Kent, in the way Shaughnessy gushes over him, this ballot feels pretty disingenuous.