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Candidates for Third Base: Another Look

Who should play third base? Nominations are open.

Drew Ellis throws to first base.
Drew Ellis throws to first base.
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Who should play third base for the Diamondbacks? In October, fans made their opinions known and voted in this AZ Snake Pit article.

The following table shows player vote tallies and whether they are still available to play for the Diamondbacks. Josh Rojas received the most votes. He received more votes than Kris Bryant, perhaps because Bryant may not be affordable.

Data from Baseball Reference and AZ Snake Pit.

The comments to that article nominated Drew Ellis, perhaps as the everyday player (by Jack Sommers), or perhaps in a platoon with Josh VanMeter (by SpenserSpice) or with Josh Rojas (by Curse of Mike DeFelice).

Let’s look at some quotes about the players:

“He [VanMeter] has a history of hanging in there and slowly improving and making adjustments…. He’s a long shot, but I just have a feeling about this guy.” — Jack Sommers, 9 December 2020

“Whither Drew Ellis ? Have we determined from just 19 games started, 83 PA, strewn out over 37 days that he is no longer a viable 3B candidate for this team ?

...Drew Ellis is not a cross I’m willing to die on….but I will definitely invoke once again the saying “don’t die wondering”. If they are not going to play him at 3rd every day, then throw him in a trade or remove him from the 40 man then.” — Jack Sommers, 19 October 2021

“At this point, I think it’s Rojas. I’m not down with moving marte to yet another new position, and he might well be on another team come opening day anyway.

Give Ellis some time there when Rojas starts at another position. I have zero faith in VanMeter. Bryant isn’t happening, ...

I think it’s likely in house options unless a trade for a cost controlled young 3B materializes, maybe for Marte or Kelly.” — Curse of Mike DiFelice

“I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Ellis. I still think he is a long-shot at best. At the same time, I also think he is probably the best non-Marte internal option for 3B for 2022. I’m just still not sure if he will ever adapt to MLB breaking pitches.” — James Attwood

Buddy Kennedy [AA] is a possibility at some point in 2022 as well.” — Jack Sommers, 5 December 2021

“I think that Josh Rojas had — outside of Ketel, suffer Ketel because the bar is set at a spot where the guy posted a 900 OPS, that’s what Ketel does so it’s a little unfair. But I thought Josh Rojas had probably our most consistent season as a young player coming off the season he had in 2020.” — Mike Hazen

“Barring the signing of Kris Bryant (you’re welcome for the laugh, please send all tips to your Diamondback Rattlesnake Rescue organization of choice), I see zero reason Ellis shouldn’t be given the chance to be the primary starting third baseman on the team next year: maybe even opening day starter.” — Spenser Spice

“...they’ve also publicly floated the idea of acquiring a controllable third baseman. That likely would be someone making the league minimum and coming off a tough year, positioning themselves as a rebound candidate. It will be interesting to see if the Diamondbacks pursue that route and, if they do, where it leads them.” — Zach Buchanan

Perhaps you the reader have ideas that will impress fellow snake pitters. To start the ball rolling I included an idea: trade with the Marlins for Brian Anderson. Depending on the specifics of the trade, it could benefit both teams. Nevertheless, I feel certain that several AZ Snake Pit regulars could provide better trade ideas in the comment section. Just do it!

Let’s look at a few basic stats of some of the players who you can nominate in the comments section.

Candidates for Third Base. Data from The Fielding Bible, Baseball Savant, and Spotrac.

Next season, who should play third base for the Diamondbacks? Would you pick from the players listed above, or bring your own pick? Your nomination should state whether the player will be an everyday starter or will play as part of a platoon.

We need to narrow the candidates down to three or thereabouts, for a poll next week. This will be done largely on the basis of recs in the comments, though the decision of the third base judging committee i.e. me, will be final in this regard. Just identify the player in the subject line, and make your case in the body of the comment. If you agree with a choice already made, give it a rec. If you don’t see your choice, post a new comment. Poll to follow on Tuesday the 18th!