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Meme Monday 9/6: Good, Bad, Ugly

The memes keep coming

The Good: Luke Weaver is back and recorded a win in his 1st start since he returned from the IL. Tyler Clippard is consistent and looking good when he pitches - he’s the best arm in the pen, by far.

The Bad: Team defense is sloppy, embarrassing at times. Pepper in some baserunning and you have a shitken fried steak.

The Ugly: Or maybe not UGLY, but I found it almost obsessive that Torey is looking at the 2001 WS Banner at Chase Field “75-100 times per game”. I’ve seen frat girls and Minecraft kids look at their PHONES less during D-backs games.

Also Ugly, Pavin Smith’s fielder’s choice. SMDH - Torey look annoyed, to say the least.

Now share some memes!

Angry Dad when he returns to his seat after buying 1 beer at the ballpark