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PYW’s 2021: Week 22

So what are the last place Diamondbacks good at?

The winner of the Tour of Spain bicycle race holds his trophy, which appears to be a bronze cast of two castles with a bicycle race between the two Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Last week, I wanted to keep things positive. In these pages during down seasons, we spend a lot of time mocking our beloved Dbacks. Instead, I asked you to tell me what the Diamondbacks are actually good at, despite their challenges at anything actually useful. Lots of great answers, I thought, but only one was turned red. Very sad. Anyway, in first place we find kilnborn!

(Alt text The most positive thing about the season is us. The ‘pitters who stuck with it.

We’ve negotiated 2020, and are busy doing the same with 2021. 2022 will present itself with problems that need to be overcome, but we’re the survivors. The ones who persisted.

We’ve been winnowed, and will continue to face challenges trying to get through games to see how the young players perform, how the young core adapts to changes in how they’re pitched, etc, but the positivity you’re looking for exists within us all.

Because we’re still here, and every game brings positivity with a Pavin Smith hit, a Josh Rojas double, a VanMeter Heater into the Seaters, a Varsho throw that gets the runner at second.

The future will happen, whether we cheer it on or not. Despair is a sin.) (4 recs)

Hear, Hear! It’s easy to be a Dodgers fan, but a Dbacks fan? That takes dedication. Good for us!

In second place, and stop me if you’ve heard this one, Jack Sommers!

“Gameplans” Not devising or executing them…..just using the phrase. “Gameplans” [Drink] (3 recs)

Gameplans /nods sagely

And rounding out our top three this week, gzimmerm!

Promoting social distancing 2 recs

It’s true. I’m not sure I’ve seen any other teams ploy the “leave entire sections empty” strategy since the height of the pandemic. Let’s see the standings now!


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 21
kilnborn 18
FatElvis04 14
NikT77 12
gzimmerm 9
AzDbacksFanInDC 6
Diamondhacks 6
Justin27 3

No change in the standings this week, though kilborn put a little distance between himself and FatElvis. Jack continues to hold on to the first place position, though with not as commanding a lead as he did in the first half. Only three regular season Saturdays remain, and it’s close enough that just about anything could happen.

This week, as the season winds down, I’ve seen more and more discussion, as usual, of the end of season awards. I enjoy the awards discussion as much as anyone, but it’s always the same awards every year. Come up with a new End of Season award for MLB to hand out, any criteria. Go!