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Meme Monday 9/27: Hilarity Resumes

Come with me if you want to live, laugh, love.

Welcome back to Meme Monday. Due to Keegan’s extremely wise decision to offer an open bar at his wedding, I was out last Monday suffering the effects of a 3 day hangover. I was like a dry, shriveled-up dead lizard you find on the sidewalk in the middle of summer. Say what you will about your perception of my tolerance, but I know Keegan is down at least 10k on the bar tab alone. After all, several members of The Brute Squad were there. We lived. We died. But now we live again. And so do the memes.

The Arizona Diamondbacks extended Manager Torey Lovullo’s contract through 2022 with a club option for 2023. That is likely the biggest news of the past month for the D-backs. I was personally predicting his termination before the last game of the season, but was once again wrong (as I usually am when it comes to these sort of baseball decisions). But, Torey is here to stay I guess. For how long? Only time will tell.

Around the NL West, The San Diego Padres have been eliminated from the past season. The team that some call, ‘The offseason Champions’ for all the BIG trades and moves made in the offseason by The Padres. I think none of us saw their collapse coming. At least a collapse this deep.

The Dodgers are basically guaranteed a Wild Card spot but are fighting for the NL West Title. The D-backs helped the Giants by taking game 2 of the weekend series v Dodger-evil. And speaking of evil. Did you guys see the Dodger fans fighting each other in the left field bleachers on Friday? Disgraceful.

And finally. Those interested in attending the final D-backs game of the season on October 3rd please let us know in the comments below so we can get you a ticket. So far 15 of us are signed up for the game and 5 tickets remain unclaimed. Don’t be shy, join us for a game.

Well, there is lots to meme about. Make some, share some.


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