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PYW’s 2021: Championship Round

It’s all come down to this...

The Arkansas Razorbacks celebrate a win over Texas A&M. They are gathered around the trophy, and the picture is taken through a fisheye lens, giving it a distorted field of vision Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Diamondbacks’ season is coming to an end, which means we have come to our championship round. Before we can do that, however, we must first choose our second half finalist! Last week, I asked you to tell me what the Diamondbacks are going to do with all their extra free time this off season. In first place, with just about the perfect response, we find Justin27!

TL will be at the ballpark staring at the World Series banner, drinking beer after beer for hours (6 recs)

In second place, we find FatElvis04, who thinks they might just need to get back to basics...

Reading, specifically reading “Baseball for Dummies” (5 recs)

And rounding out our final podium in perhaps the most fitting way possible, another top three finish from Jack!

Studying for their Realtors License Exam (4 recs)

And now to find out who will be facing off against Jack in the final round... Drumroll please!!!


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 25
FatElvis04 23
kilnborn 20
gzimmerm 16
NikT77 12
Diamondhacks 9
Justin27 9
AzDbacksFanInDC 6
AzRattler 2
TucsonTim 2

With his third place finish, Jack secures the top spot for both halves of the season with a stunning 70 recs between the two halves. Unprecedented. However, it would be no fun if Jack faced off against himself in the playoffs, so congratulations to FatElvis04 as our second half finalist! He did not compete in the first half, but came out strong in the second half to earn a spot in the championship!

So, if you don’t remember, here’s what happens now. Below, you will find, in chronological order, the top three rec’d posts from each finalist in their half of the season. Puruse through them and then vote in the poll for who you believe should be the PYW21 Champion! Very important, only votes in the poll will count. While you are more than welcome to cheer on your choice, debate, or just generally chat in the comments, votes there will not be counted. Please no stuffing the ballot box, and you will be expected to turn over your routers for auditing after the voting is complete. I should probably delete that, shouldn’t I? Oh well.

Anyway, now for Jack Sommers’ entries!

Jack Sommers

Week 4: Come up with a crazy food item for the Diamondbacks concessions team.

“D.C. Beef Jerky” It’s actually just D.C. Steak but slice, packaged and sold as beef Jerky. One pack will keep fans knawing away for 9 innings (7 recs)

Week 8: Help the Marketing team out with a slogan to help sell tickets, even though there are infinitely better things to do.

Pretend to Contend Diamondbacks Baseball! (6 recs)

Week 13: Create a gameday giveaway that best represents the Diamondbacks season so far.

For the ultimate in enhanced fan experience, we are giving out Diamondbacks logo blindfolds during our next homestand. When the play on the field gets too ugly to watch, just slip these on for the best fan experience in baseball. You’ll get the added experience of knowing what it’s like to be a Dbacks hitter with RISP! The post includes a mock up of what one of these blind folds might look like with a Diamondbacks logo superimposed over a sleeping mask (9 recs)


Week 18: You have the power to add one sport to the Olympics. Which do you choose and why?

Bowling. The Olympics needs a sport where it’s acceptable to eat a burger and drink a beer during the game (6 recs)

Week 22: Come up with a new End of Season award for MLB.

Wasted Money award given annually to the player who most udnerperforms on the field given their salary (4 recs)

Week 24: How will the Diamondbacks spend their extra free time this postseason?

Reading Specifically reading “Baseball for Dummies” (5 Recs)

And now... it’s up to you! Vote below for your choice for who will be the PYW21 Champion. Results will be revealed in two weeks. Go!


Who is the PYW21 Champion?

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  • 64%
    Jack Sommers
    (11 votes)
  • 35%
    (6 votes)
17 votes total Vote Now