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The BASES Stories Podcast Presents: The 2011 Arizona Diamondback’s Season

Drunk History crashes headlong into baseball

The year was 2011.

A year that saw the Arizona Diamondbacks take the NL West by 8 games. Manager Kirk Gibson preached grit and old school thought, something most D-backs fans loved if not for the results, but also for the day to day excitement the team displayed. Plus there was the plunkings. 2011 was also the year our (former) personal Lord & Savior, Paul Goldschmidt was revealed to us. Goldy quickly became a fan favorite especially in the 2011 post season series vs. The Brewers when he smacked that MASSIVE grand slam. There is so much to reminisce on when it comes to the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks.

Join the crew at The BASES Stories podcast, along with The Brute Squad as they have a few drinks and reflect the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks.

These are the tales of baseball past as you’ve never heard them. Our guests tell stories blending team seasons, on/off diamond moments, memories of personal fandom catastrophe/elation, and yes...alcohol. We do the work, you tell the story.

These are:

The BASES Stories

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