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SnakeBytes 9/16: Trudge to the finish

While the Diamondbacks trudge to the finish, local sports media has moved on...

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Merrill Kelly scratches underneath his hat after giving up a home run, accurately representing how most Diamondbacks fans feel at this point Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

(Arizona Sports) Report says Diamondbacks offer the most affordable MLB fan experience

“Arizona’s Fan Cost Index went down 25 cents from projected 2020 prices to $144.25. Arizona’s index is the lowest by just over 30 dollars compared with the second-most affordable team. The Miami Marlins have a Fan Cost Index of $174.54.”

I personally have some issues with the methodology of this survey, though I doubt making the changes I’d propose would ultimately have much of an effect on the overall rankings. However, I do think the final number is misleading when you consider that the soda, for example, is the 12 oz option that, if I recall correctly is marketed as a kids soda, while I personally have never seen a $9.99 hat either in the team shop or the unofficial venues.

MLB News

(The Athletic) Giants lose to the still-dangerous Padres and now their lead in the NL West is down to one game

The NL West is going to come down to the very end, and the Padres are going to play a huge role in deciding it. There are three great teams teams at the top of the NL West, and they are going to slug it out for the next three weeks. Buckle up folks. This is going to be one hell of a show.

(NBC Sports) Chants of ‘MVP! ... MVP!’ fill the air as Harper leads amazing Phillies win

Bryce Harper was a dynamo — he had two walks, two doubles, a homer and four RBIs — and the crowd of 20,208 let him know it with chants of “MVP! ... MVP! ... MVP!”

“It feels good,” Harper said of the crowd’s reaction. “But we’ve got a while to go. I just want to keep winning and playing well and be where we need to be down the stretch.”

(ESPN) Seattle Mariners lauded for ramping up bid to host 2023 All-Star Game

“I think with some of the shuffling that went on, [2023] became the more viable alternative,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday. “And I have to say, the Mariners did a fantastic job in terms of the up-tempo, the preparation. It takes a lot to pull off an All-Star Game, a lot of preparation and planning, and [Mariners chairman] John [Stanton] and his people did a fantastic job getting ready sooner.”

(Yahoo! sports) Shohei Ohtani experiencing arm soreness, ‘may not’ pitch again this season

Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon told reporters on Thursday that the AL MVP favorite is experiencing arm soreness and will miss his scheduled Friday start against the Oakland A’s. If he doesn’t show improvement, he’s unlikely to return to the mound this season.

“If there’s any kind of lingering soreness, you may not see him pitch,” Maddon said, per the Associated Press.