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Snake Bytes: 9/15 - Seriously, No One Cares

The Dodgers are making their ninth consecutive trip to the postseason. The Diamondbacks are on pace to have their worst season ever. Ho-hum, no one cares anymore.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Dodgers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News

Seriously, DBE was right. Finding news about the Diamondbacks that isn’t just a casual mention of how they are neck-and-neck with the Orioles, is becoming harder and harder. Arizona Sports is even relying on AP coverage of the games now. Frankly, the best place to find news and insights about the team is right here, where we try to bring the readership something new every day.

Arizona 4, Los Angeles 8
Seth Beer was pulled from the game with a dislocated shoulder before he ever had the opportunity to sewing the bat. That alone should give an idea of how much this game sucked. Luke Weaver’s two-pitch mix was not enough to fool the Dodgers, nor were his adjustments. The bullpen was unable to stop the bleeding either. Truly, the score to this game makes it look more competitive than it was.

Marte Responds to Move Back to Second
Ketel Marte had been not so quietly making it known he wanted to return to playing on the infield dirt at second, where he once believed he was poised to win some defensive hardware. Last night, the team decided to humour him and started Marte at the keystone. Marte responded with a 3-for-4 night, including a three-run home run.

Other Baseball News

Remembering Clemente
Roberto Clemente is remembered as much for the way he died as the he is for the way he lived. Sometimes that overshadows just how special he was as both a person and a baseball talent.

Giants Win Ninth Straight with Healthy Urgency
The Giants already secured a postseason berth the other night. That doesn’t mean they are coasting into the postseason though. With the Dodgers only 2.5 games behind them for the NL West crown, the Giants are playing baseball like it is October to keep from winning 100+ games and finding themselves in a one-game play-in game against the second Wild Card winner.

Inside the Rise of Vlad Jr.
It’s hard to believe that less than 18 months ago there were people beginning to question whether or not Vladito was actually going to make the adjustments necessary to not flame out at the big league level.

Yelich Giving Away 10,000 Tickets to Cardinals Series
Milwaukee star left fielder, Christian Yelich, purchased 10,000 tickets to give away to fans during an upcoming home series against the rival St. Louis Cardinals. It is part of Yelich’s initiative to thank and reward the fans for their support during trying and uncertain times.

Major props bro.