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Turambar Recap Time: Doyers, 5 D-backs 1

Almost to the end folks......

Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks
God that hair is amazing
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Probably got this recap and two more in me before I hang up my cap on this interesting and mostly forgettable season. I’m sure you’ll all miss me, but I’ll be back next season.

As I’ve said in these recaps, roundtables and Bruteside Chats; it’s about looking towards the future......and doing whatever we can to make the Dodgers lives difficult.

Inning 1:

Our good ole buddy Kershaw takes the mound tonight for the Dodgers. He’s been great as always, though injuries have nagged at him all year.

Kershaw strikes out Ahmed, who’s batting leadoff today, which is a questionable choice in my mind. I guess at this point Torey has entered the realm of “why not with him”.

Marte gets a nice double down the left field line immediately after followed by Kelly earning a walk, and Walker (who has done well again Kershaw) flies out directly to Betts. Rojas though gets the job done with a little blooper to center field to drive Marte home. 1-0 Dbacks!

Though Gallen is good, Betts is better, as he gets a leadoff double against the young Dback. I honestly can’t get too mad at that; Betts has earned his accolades.

Max Muncy flies out, advancing Betts to 3rd, but Gallen then walks Trea Turner putting himself in some trouble with Seager up to bat.

Seager does just as I feared and ties this young game up with an RBI single, with Justin Turner walking up to the plate.

Red Beard Turner then gets a deflating double in to the left field corner and we’re now down 1-3 still with only 1 out in the inning.

Inning 2:

No real excitement for us in the top of the 2nd besides Ahmed getting his second strikeout of the game. I’m beginning to think he might be shooting for a golden sombrero tonight. 1-3 going in to the bottom of the inning.

Gallen starts off the 2nd with a strikeout, but Kershaw reaches soon thereafter with an infield single giving Betts another chance to wreak some havoc.

Havoc in the form of a walk is still havoc I guess, especially when just about any Dodger in this lineup can make you pay.

Though as the talking heads on the TV keep reminding me the Dodgers have been quite meh at the plate since the All Star Break. In fact they’re dead last in batter average since them, which surprised the hell out of me when I heard that, and is likely the main reason why Gallen gets out of the 2nd without giving up a run. I’ll take it.

Inning 3:

1-2-3 go the Dbacks in the 3rd on a scant 5 pitches from Kershaw.

Gallen has also settled down a bit in the 3rd and also cruises. I’m very confident in saying he’s our future on the mound. We just need those other pieces to fall in place, hopefully sooner than later. I sure would like to write in at least a close/exciting season.

1-3 going in to the 4th.

Inning 4:

Andrew Young teases us with a 2out double, but that’s all we manage against Kershaw in the 4th. It was a pretty slick double though.

Gallen starts out the 4th allowing back to back singles, followed by a Kershaw sac bunt to puts Dodgers on third and second. What followed was a spectacular duel between Gallen and Betts leading to a pop up to Jake McCarthy who makes a tremendous throw to the plate to end the inning. Took a long review from the powers that be in New York, but they got the call right and I’m loving what I’m seeing from McCarthy. Hopefully he can take up the Dbacks banner along with Gallen going forward. 1-3 going in to the 5th.

Inning 5:

Kershaw’s night is over after going 4.1 innings, but that’s none too surprising as they’re easing him back in to things after yet another injury. Bickford, who has platinum blond hair and an underwhelming black goatee, takes the mound in the HoFers place.

Gallen’s the first recorded out, but Ahmed redeems himself by sprinting out an infield single to give us our first chance against the new guy. Sadly we fail against Bickford and we’re off to the 6th, still down, but not yet out.

Inning 6:

Gallen again blanks the Dodgers in the 6th, in just about the time it takes for one to get up and refill a beer. Yes the Dodgers bats are scuffling, but Gallen is gonna be good folks.

After recording the first out in the 6th Bickford is relieved by Vesia who proceeds to give up a single to Rojas and walks the 29yr old rookie Ramos to put Sneks on 1st and 2nd. No damage gets done though as both Young and McCarthy strike out to move us in to the bottom of the 6th, still down 1-3.

Gallen did his best to keep the bleeding to as minimum through 5.1, but here in the 6th after Lux gets driven home by a Barnes double it looks like his solid night it through. We salute you Gallen. 1-4 Dogders

Sittinger comes in to relieve Gallen......and promptly plunks the first Dodger he faces on the first pitch he throws. Lovely.

That’s all the damage he allows though, so that’s fine I guess and we’re off to the 7th.

Inning 7:

No sign of Seth Beer thus far in the game, though I’ve had 3 tonight. Hope Torey knows how annoyed I am by that.

VanMeter (who is not Beer) leads off the 7th for us and strikes out to get things going.

Marte then pops out, but Pavin walk, followed by Kelly popping out as well. No joy. 1-4 Dodgers going in to the bottom of the 7th.

Red beard strikes on the 7th with a solo shot off Sittinger to make it a 1-5 game. The damage comes with 2 outs and might be enough to put this game to bed.

Inning 8:

Still no runs for us in the 8th and we’re off to the bottom of the 8th with Faria now up on the mound for us.

Faria gets a K for his first out, but then plunks Betts on the elbow.

After that the Dodgers threaten again, but we end the 8th still at that lovely score of 1-5.

Inning 9:

Beer finally comes up here in the 9th after Andrew Young grounds out to start things. God I hope Beer sticks in the rotation next season. I need that jersey in my life so bad.

No dice for beer though, and we’re down to our last out with VanMeter up to bat.

He pops out and we’re done here.

Night folks.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Michael Douglas: Josh Rojas, +12.2%
Shaun Penn: Zac Gallen, -21.9%

There was a Gameday Thread. It had 125 comments in it. Those who made those comments were: AzDbackfanInDc, AzRattler, Diamondhacks, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Jim McLennan, Justin27, Keegan Thompson, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, NikT77, Oldenschoole, Smurf-1000, Snacks&Dbacks, Snake_Bitten, kilnborn and since_98. There was just one Sedona Red comment, by kilnborn, making its selection as comment of the night super easy - barely an inconvenience.

And if you don’t understand that, look up ‘Pitch Meeting’ on YouTube. You can thank me later. Meanwhile, my decision instead to watch the marginally less futile efforts on American Ninja Warrior proved well-founded. I’m sure I can find something else to do tomorrow night as well, when Luke Weaver starts for the D-backs.