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Diamondbacks 4, Mariners 5: Beers, Steals and Squeals

A very refreshing taste of Beer was a rare highlight tonight.


Record: 45-96. Pace: 52-110. Change on 2004: +2.

Another poor outing from Madison Bumgarner undid the Diamondbacks, who lost their sixth game in a row, and eleventh of the last twelve. However, Seth Beer and Henry Ramos both hit their first major-league home-runs, the former doing so in his first MLB plate-appearance. It’s the only time two D-backs have hit their first homer in the same game. But let’s start with what you actually came here for...

Beer 1: Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss

This is my beer of choice during the summer months, when I’m looking for something light and refreshing. I’m a big fan of fruity beers, and this one is not the last you’ll see tonight. Mixing blackberries, elderberries and loganberries, this basically plays as a cheap alternative to Lindeman’s Framboise. Berry Weiss: $8.99 for a six-pace. Framboise: about $12 a bottle (albeit a 750 ml one).

Neither team covered themselves in glory during the early innings. Madison Bumgarner's balls appeared to be slipping again, and the Mariners took advantage. They hit a lead-off homer in the bottom of the first, on a cutter that was middle-middle. And in the second, a similary located change-up became a two-run souvenir. However, the Mariners' sloppy defense let Arizona stay in the game. An error in the second let Josh Rojas reach, and Henry Ramos got his first home-run in the major leagues (below). In the third, Ketel Marte walked, and went to third on an errant pick-off throw. He then scored on Carson Kelly's sacrifice fly, tying the game at 3-3.

Beer 2: Warsteiner German Pilsener

This was part of a treasure trove. When SnakePit Jr. moved out, he left behind a bunch of stuff, which I finally got round to tidying up a couple of weeks ago. Included was a nine-pack “Beers of the World” selection from World Market that, I presume, he’d received as an unwanted gift [he prefers hard spirits]. It was a grab-bag of names: some familiar, some unknown. Some tasty, others - and I’m looking at you, alcoholic ginger beer - not so much. Still, can’t beat it for the price, i.e. free.

Both starting pitchers settled down thereafter. The Mariners had the best scoring chance, putting the first two on in the fourth, after Nick Ahmed couldn't handle a hotshot. But a convenient double-play ball helped MadBum escape damage. In the top of the fifth, Jake McCarthy legged out a swinging bunt to open the frame, and was still there three outs later. Seattle's half saw a base-runner get picked off first... and still reached second base. It was the second time tonight that had happened, which suggests some kind of systemic issue. The first time, the runner was stranded, but not on this occasion. A hard grounder ate up Andrew Young, went through to the outfield, and Seattle had a 4-3 lead.

Beer 3: Blue Moon Mango Wheat

This is also another “found” beer - though I did at least purchase this particular can. I developed a taste for it after a pool party for Mrs. SnakePit’s Rocky Horror people, when it was included in the left-over beers. I’ve generally liked Blue Moon, but for some reason, the draft variety seems a lot better than the kind you get at home. I’d therefore likely not have tried this, but stumbling across it, proved to be quite tasty. The variety pack also included Honey Haze, but I found that a little too sweet. The Mango Wheat hit the spot perfectly.

Bumgarner ended up going six innings, but another badly-missed spot in the sixth led to another Mariners home-run. He scattered eight hits and a walk, striking out six. But he was charged with five runs, all earned, all but one coming from the three homers given up. Here's his line over the last four starts:
Bumgarner: 23 IP, 26 H, 19 R, 19 ER, 13 BB, 19 SO, 7.44 ERA
In 32 starts as a Diamondback, he's 8-14, and his ERA is now 5.12. But remember, folks: "Players are far more likely to generate a positive return on the investment than not." Meanwhile, Arizona’s offense had all but given up. After Marte with one out in the third, the D-backs didn't get anyone else into scoring position until two outs in the eighth. It was this:

Beer 4: Daura Damm Lager Beer

The ninth and final beer from SnakePit Jr's box, this one describes itself as “crafted to remove gluten.” Which may be why it was the ninth and final beer, and left tonight until I’m already thoroughly buzzed, courtesy of its three predecessors. I have a natural skepticism about the like of decaffeinated coffee, non-alcoholic beer and sugar-free cookies. I mean, what’s the point? The taste appeared to proved my point. I want my beer with extra gluten, please. Still, cram down enough salt & vinegar chips, and I could hardly taste it.

The whole point of the evening came with two outs in the eighth, when Seth Beer made his major-league debut. Pinch-hitting for Christian Walker, he became the fourth Diamondback to go deep in his first major-league at-bat (above). Alex Cabrera, Gerardo Parra and John Hester preceded him in that feat. That made it 5-4 to Seattle. The D-backs bullpen had done their part, where Bumgarner had not, Noe Ramirez and Miguel Aguilar putting up zeroes in the seventh and eighth. But David Peralta, Rojas and Ramos couldn’t put bat on ball, striking out on a total of 15 pitches in the bottom of the ninth, as the Mariners closed out the win. With the Orioles winning earlier, it’s another step closer towards the #1 overall pick next year.

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Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss: Henry Ramos, +9.2%
Daura Damm Lager Beer: Madison Bumgarner, -30.8%

A lightly-trafficked Gameday Thread, only reaching 120 comments. Those present were: AzDbackfanInDc, Diamondhacks, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Jim McLennan, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, NikT77, Oldenschoole, Smurf-1000, Snacks&Dbacks, Snake_Bitten, kilnborn and since_98. Snake_Bitten had the only Sedona Red comment, but I don’t reward GIFs. So it goes to their other comment, regarding the best player on the team, based on Win Probability:

At least it was somewhat entertaining, and relatively brief, clocking in at a crisp two hours and thirty-eight minutes. I may even have time for another episode of Brand New Cherry Flavor. Same two teams tomorrow, with a 6:10 pm first pitch. Humberto Castellanos takes the mound for the Diamondbacks.