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Meme Monday 8/9: It’s All Fun and Games

Welcome to the latest addition of meme Monday, friends. The D-backs failed to take the final game of the series v SD yesterday in what was a pretty good game pitched by Mad Bum. In fact, the last few games MadBum started have given me hope that he IS changing his ways and I am seriously considering taking him back and forgiving him. Time will tell though. How about that Caleb Smith? What are we gonna do with that guy? Tyler Clippard blew a save (with help from Taylor Clarke) which drew a lot of discussion on the Pit. Oh, and then there is this article floating around in which the Dbacks front office seem to be questioning their own decision to transform 2nd baseman Ketel Marte into a Center Fielder for the past 3 seasons. Fantastic, right? Take your pick, make some memes.


Last but not least, I present to you for your viewing pleasure: Keegan attempting to cure his day-drunk hiccups.