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Snake Bytes 8/6 - Stop Me If You Have Heard This One Before

Merrill Kelly was brilliant on Thursday, then the Diamondbacks’ bullpen found a way to ruin it all.

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San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

San Francisco 5, Arizona 4 (10)

The Diamondbacks were one out from beating the team with the best record in baseball, then they Diamondbacked it all up.

Kelly Brilliant, Bullpen Garbage

Taylor Clarke got shelled and Tyler Clippard was unable to staunch the wound before the Diamondbacks bled out.

Kelly Scoreless Through Eight, Bullpen Coughs Up Lead

It took Kelly only 102 pitches to record 24 scoreless outs. However, Torey Lovullo, concerned for Kelly’s arm health given recent events and Kelly’s own injury history, pulled Kelly in favour of the bullpen in the ninth inning. Taylor Clarke was blasted, giving up three runs without getting an out. Tyler Clippard relieved Clarke, but was only able to record two outs before the fourth and tying run crossed the plate. The Giants then scored again in the 10th, thanks entirely to the Manfred Mann.

Mitchell Stumpo’s Feel Good Story (The Athletic)

A story of how confidence, swagger, hard work, and determination can pay off. Expect to hear more about Stumpo between now and next season’s Opening Day as he sits poised to go from starting the season in A ball, to quite possibly finishing the year in AAA.

Other Baseball News

Kumar Rocker, the MLB Draft, and a Better Way Forward

Kumar Rocker is only the most recent of what is becoming a long line of players who fell victim to the system that prevents them from maximizing return on their talents. Alas, there is no easy fix.

Late Inning Leads are Becoming Less Secure

The age of the true closer might soon come to an end as more teams turn to multiple bullpen arms in every game.

Do I Look Happy?

How Doug Glanville came to terms with the trade that possibly sunk his future.

Cleveland Signs 15-year Lease

After multiple years of speculation that Cleveland would see their team relocate away from Progressive Field, the organization has now signed a 15-year lease extension and will be making $435 million in rennovations.

United States Defeats Korea, Will Face Japan for Gold Medal

This is about as storybook as it gets for baseball in the Olympics. The best baseball countries from both sides of the globe will face off for the gold medal, with Japan playing for the gold on their home turf. Meanwhile, USA’s Eddy Alvarez joins a very select group of U.S. Athletes to medal in both the winter and summer games.

Related: Players falling in love with Japanese baseball (hat-tip to Jack for finding this one)

One Prospect Each Team Should Call Up

Even MLB’s pundits are ready for Beer-thirty.