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Diamondbacks announce 2022 schedule

Home schedule opens April 7 vs. Padres and features holiday weekends on Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Arizona Diamondbacks 2022 regular-season schedule, as announced by Major League Baseball, features Opening Day on Thursday, March 31 @ Brewers, the home opener on Thursday, April 7 vs. Padres as well as 5 home holiday weekends for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

The D-backs will open on the road for the fourth straight season with a 3-game set Thursday, March 31-Saturday, April 2 @ Brewers (Sunday, April 3 will be an off-day). The D-backs’ home opener will be on Thursday, April 7 vs. Padres, a 4-game series to begin the home slate.

The home holidays consist of Mother’s Day weekend (May 6-8 vs. Rockies), Memorial Day weekend (May 27-29 vs. Dodgers and May 30 vs. Braves), Father’s Day weekend (June 17-19 vs. Twins), Fourth of July (July 4 vs. Giants) and Labor Day weekend (Sept. 1-4 vs. Brewers).

The 14 weekend series are highlighted by visits from the Mets (April 22-24), Cubs (May 13-15), Dodgers (May 26-29) and Cardinals (Aug. 19-21). The additional weekends include the Padres (April 7-10; Sept. 15-18), Rockies (May 6-8; July 7-10; Aug. 5-7), Twins (June 17-19), Tigers (June 24-26), Nationals (July 22-24), Brewers (Sept. 1-4) and Giants (Sept. 23-25).

The D-backs’ 18-game interleague schedule features 4 first-half home series vs. Astros (April 12-13), Royals (May 23-24), Twins (June 17-19) and Tigers (June 24-26). The 3 second-half road series will visit the Guardians (Aug. 1-3), Royals (Aug. 23-24) and White Sox (Aug. 26-28).

The D-backs will face the Giants to end their home slate (Sept. 23-25 vs. Giants) and regular-season schedule (Sept. 30-Oct. 2 @ Giants).

Diamondbacks 2022 schedule

Thursday, March 31 11:10 AM D-backs at Brewers
Friday, April 1 5:10 PM D-backs at Brewers
Saturday, April 2 4:10 PM D-backs at Brewers
Monday, April 4 D-backs at Dodgers
Tuesday, April 5 D-backs at Dodgers
Wednesday, April 6 D-backs at Dodgers
Thursday, April 7 Padres at D-backs
Friday, April 8 Padres at D-backs
Saturday, April 9 Padres at D-backs
Sunday, April 10 Padres at D-backs
Tuesday, April 12 Astros at D-backs
Wednesday, April 13 Astros at D-backs
Friday, April 15 D-backs at Mets
Saturday, April 16 D-backs at Mets
Sunday, April 17 D-backs at Mets
Monday, April 18 D-backs at Nationals
Tuesday, April 19 D-backs at Nationals
Wednesday, April 20 D-backs at Nationals
Thursday, April 21 D-backs at Nationals
Friday, April 22 Mets at D-backs
Saturday, April 23 Mets at D-backs
Sunday, April 24 Mets at D-backs
Monday, April 25 Dodgers at D-backs
Tuesday, April 26 Dodgers at D-backs
Wednesday, April 27 Dodgers at D-backs
Thursday, April 28 D-backs at Cardinals
Friday, April 29 D-backs at Cardinals
Saturday, April 30 D-backs at Cardinals
Sunday, May 1 D-backs at Cardinals
Monday, May 2 3:40 PM D-backs at Marlins
Tuesday, May 3 3:40 PM D-backs at Marlins
Wednesday, May 4 9:40 AM D-backs at Marlins
Friday, May 6 Rockies at D-backs
Saturday, May 7 Rockies at D-backs
Sunday, May 8 Rockies at D-backs
Monday, May 9 Marlins at D-backs
Tuesday, May 10 Marlins at D-backs
Wednesday, May 11 Marlins at D-backs
Friday, May 13 Cubs at D-backs
Saturday, May 14 Cubs at D-backs
Sunday, May 15 Cubs at D-backs
Monday, May 16 D-backs at Dodgers
Tuesday, May 17 D-backs at Dodgers
Wednesday, May 18 D-backs at Dodgers
Thursday, May 19 4:40 PM D-backs at Cubs
Friday, May 20 11:20 AM D-backs at Cubs
Saturday, May 21 11:20 AM D-backs at Cubs
Sunday, May 22 11:20 AM D-backs at Cubs
Monday, May 23 Royals at D-backs
Tuesday, May 24 Royals at D-backs
Thursday, May 26 Dodgers at D-backs
Friday, May 27 Dodgers at D-backs
Saturday, May 28 Dodgers at D-backs
Sunday, May 29 Dodgers at D-backs
Monday, May 30 Braves at D-backs
Tuesday, May 31 Braves at D-backs
Wednesday, June 1 Braves at D-backs
Friday, June 3 D-backs at Pirates
Saturday, June 4 D-backs at Pirates
Sunday, June 5 D-backs at Pirates
Monday, June 6 D-backs at Reds
Tuesday, June 7 D-backs at Reds
Wednesday, June 8 D-backs at Reds
Thursday, June 9 D-backs at Reds
Friday, June 10 D-backs at Phillies
Saturday, June 11 D-backs at Phillies
Sunday, June 12 D-backs at Phillies
Monday, June 13 Reds at D-backs
Tuesday, June 14 Reds at D-backs
Wednesday, June 15 Reds at D-backs
Friday, June 17 Twins at D-backs
Saturday, June 18 Twins at D-backs
Sunday, June 19 Twins at D-backs
Monday, June 20 D-backs at Padres
Tuesday, June 21 D-backs at Padres
Wednesday, June 22 D-backs at Padres
Friday, June 24 Tigers at D-backs
Saturday, June 25 Tigers at D-backs
Sunday, June 26 Tigers at D-backs
Tuesday, June 28 Padres at D-backs
Wednesday, June 29 Padres at D-backs
Friday, July 1 D-backs at Rockies
Saturday, July 2 D-backs at Rockies
Sunday, July 3 D-backs at Rockies
Monday, July 4 Giants at D-backs
Tuesday, July 5 Giants at D-backs
Wednesday, July 6 Giants at D-backs
Thursday, July 7 Rockies at D-backs
Friday, July 8 Rockies at D-backs
Saturday, July 9 Rockies at D-backs
Sunday, July 10 Rockies at D-backs
Monday, July 11 D-backs at Giants
Tuesday, July 12 D-backs at Giants
Wednesday, July 13 D-backs at Giants
Friday, July 15 D-backs at Padres
Saturday, July 16 D-backs at Padres
Sunday, July 17 D-backs at Padres
Friday, July 22 Nationals at D-backs
Saturday, July 23 Nationals at D-backs
Sunday, July 24 Nationals at D-backs
Monday, July 25 Giants at D-backs
Tuesday, July 26 Giants at D-backs
Wednesday, July 27 Giants at D-backs
Friday, July 29 D-backs at Braves
Saturday, July 30 D-backs at Braves
Sunday, July 31 D-backs at Braves
Monday, August 1 D-backs at Guardians
Tuesday, August 2 D-backs at Guardians
Wednesday, August 3 D-backs at Guardians
Friday, August 5 Rockies at D-backs
Saturday, August 6 Rockies at D-backs
Sunday, August 7 Rockies at D-backs
Monday, August 8 Pirates at D-backs
Tuesday, August 9 Pirates at D-backs
Wednesday, August 10 Pirates at D-backs
Thursday, August 11 Pirates at D-backs
Friday, August 12 D-backs at Rockies
Saturday, August 13 D-backs at Rockies
Sunday, August 14 D-backs at Rockies
Monday, August 15 D-backs at Giants
Tuesday, August 16 D-backs at Giants
Wednesday, August 17 D-backs at Giants
Thursday, August 18 D-backs at Giants
Friday, August 19 Cardinals at D-backs
Saturday, August 20 Cardinals at D-backs
Sunday, August 21 Cardinals at D-backs
Tuesday, August 23 D-backs at Royals
Wednesday, August 24 D-backs at Royals
Friday, August 26 D-backs at White Sox
Saturday, August 27 D-backs at White Sox
Sunday, August 28 D-backs at White Sox
Monday, August 29 Phillies at D-backs
Tuesday, August 30 Phillies at D-backs
Wednesday, August 31 Phillies at D-backs
Thursday, September 1 Brewers at D-backs
Friday, September 2 Brewers at D-backs
Saturday, September 3 Brewers at D-backs
Sunday, September 4 Brewers at D-backs
Monday, September 5 D-backs at Padres
Tuesday, September 6 D-backs at Padres
Wednesday, September 7 D-backs at Padres
Friday, September 9 D-backs at Rockies
Saturday, September 10 D-backs at Rockies
Sunday, September 11 D-backs at Rockies
Monday, September 12 Dodgers at D-backs
Tuesday, September 13 Dodgers at D-backs
Wednesday, September 14 Dodgers at D-backs
Thursday, September 15 Padres at D-backs
Friday, September 16 Padres at D-backs
Saturday, September 17 Padres at D-backs
Sunday, September 18 Padres at D-backs
Tuesday, September 20 D-backs at Dodgers
Wednesday, September 21 D-backs at Dodgers
Thursday, September 22 D-backs at Dodgers
Friday, September 23 Giants at D-backs
Saturday, September 24 Giants at D-backs
Sunday, September 25 Giants at D-backs
Tuesday, September 27 D-backs at Astros
Wednesday, September 28 D-backs at Astros
Friday, September 30 D-backs at Giants
Saturday, October 1 D-backs at Giants
Sunday, October 2 D-backs at Giants