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Meme Monday 8/23: Keepin It Real

Soooooo Thirsty. For Beer.

Well, well, well. The Diamondbacks took 3 of 4 games from the gold-chain-spinning Padres. Plus maybe a $mil or 2 from those LA wannabees. The Dbacks followed that series up by sweeping Bryce Harper’s chin and Archie Bradley’s dog-pillow-beard out of Phoenix like the cheesesteaks those guys are. But then.....then there was the Colorado Rockies. The Dbacks could not figure them out and lost the series taking only 1 win. One of the L’s against the Rockies came at the cost of Dbacks starter Zac Gallen who was knee deep into a 7 inning shutout in Colorado before he was pulled because some nerds in the Dbacks front office have more say than the Manager on the field. The bro was at 96 pitches in a 7 inning shut-out AT COORS FIELD, so what do we do? Of course we bring in one of the worst bullpens in the history of the game, because...these games are irrelevant. But the games do not matter so why even start Gallen. Lets just have a bullpen game, every game: you know....tryouts. The games from this moment on are irrelevant according to most but winning is always important, especially to the players. 10 more pitches will break our starters, which says to me our trainers are the problem and not the actual athletes. Try not to pull a hammy looking at the following memes. Gracias.

When you need a new 1st baseman
where’s the proof?
swing the bat already