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Snake Bytes: 08/23 - Budsky

But isn’t Budsky a Czech baseball’s legend name?

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World Baseball Classic Qualifier

I am back from summer holidays and thank Jim for doing the last two Monday Snake Bytes.

Diamondbacks News

[AZ Central] Daulton Varsho emerging as reliable bat, helps Diamondbacks beat Rockies

Said Daulton Varsho as quoted by Piecoro: “Playing every day really helps get into that momentum swing. The consistency of at-bats and seeing pitches every day.” Well, then why is Christian Walker still on first if every expert agrees Walker is the least valuable player on this team? Torey wants to see more youngsters too, per Piecoro: “It’s fun to watch. It gives us a lot of hope for the future.”

[] Widener, Varsho, patience key D-backs’ win

A combined 13 walks issued in Colorado is proof of the rather questionable quality of pitching both teams have on their roster. Widener got away with it, said Torey: “I think, at times, we dodged a couple of bullets when Taylor was pitching.” Jon Gray was less lucky. “I know I’ve mentioned it before, you can’t walk batters in this ballpark, you can’t put on extra baserunners,” Arizona manager Torey Lovullo said, as quoted by Steve Gilbert. But we would not do honour to the good afternoon of the D-Backs’ batting lineup if we would only blame the walks: the D-Backs got 11 hits, 3 of them from Daulton Varsho. And so, the D-Backs improve to a 18-43 against the West. But also one game away from the Baltimore Orioles. But you gotta admit: how is it possible to go a 1-19 in your last 20 games? We are noobs in tanking.

[Bleacher Report] Projecting the 5 Worst MLB Teams Next Season

Diamondbacks come in fifth here, which would be the fifth worst team in 2022. If you want to feel like Filippo Inzaghi (an Italian football player who celebrated goals like his was the most beautiful one the world had ever seen, while even my grandma could have made them), then go ahead and try to come up with the rest of them and cheer like Inzaghi on your magnificent guesses (and share your Tik Tok of it in the comments).

[The Athletic] Focus on the future: The 16 players the Diamondbacks need to evaluate the most down the stretch (paywall alert)

I am not a fan of sharing articles behind a paywall, but if you have a subscription to The Athletic it is worth a read. Zach Buchanan touches the most important players on this roster the D-Backs should make a decision on whether they should or can become part of the next core.

Around The MLB

[Yahoo Sports] Miguel Cabrera: Everything you ever wanted to know about his 500 home runs

I don’t care about Miguel Cabrera nor about his 500 home runs, but maybe you do. And if you do, you might want to read this. I care more about my Fantasy Baseball team.

[CBS Sports] Mike Trout has had two straight compromised seasons; how has lost time cost him in quest to be all-time great?

Ah, so you don’t care about my Fantasy Baseball Team, huh?! But maybe you do care a bit about Mike Trout’s quest for being the greatest of all time? I think he is the GOAT, but I also don’t really have anyone else as an example for that.

[] Charlotte Knights become Charlotte Traffic Cones

The reason why is really beyond my grasp of understanding, but it is funny and unique, gotta admit that.

Across The Pacific

[Australia] New owners for the Adelaide Giants

Adelaide Football Club, the previous owner, announced it would sell the licence to property developer Pelligra in what is yet another sale of an ABL team. The ABL is preparing for a winter ball season (actually summer ball in Australia) of 120 games. That season will be played without the Auckland Tuatara nor with Geelong-Korea.

Mother Continent

[Burkina Faso] Delwendé wins Burkina Faso National Baseball Championship

The Delwendé Baseball Club from Gounghin defeated the Avenir Baseball Club from Fada N’Gourma. The 12-team tournament was played on 13-14 August in the nation’s capital, Ouagadougou. Bobo’s Catfish finished third and Koudougou placed fourth. Geoffrey Yameogo earned MVP honors. Lazare Guissou was voted the best hitter.

Across The Atlantic

[Spain] Tenerife Marlins crowned Spanish baseball league champions

They beat the Valencia Astros over 5 after a 24 game season. It is soaring hot over here, I don’t even want to know how they were able to get those games played.

[Italy] San Marino needs four to win Italian baseball league

No big surprise here as the two best Italian and European baseball teams, San Marino and Fortitude Bologna, met each other in a best-of-five.

[Czech Republic] Arrows Ostrava wins Czech league

The Arrows beat Draci Brno 3-1 in a best-of-five. During the championship series, Draci’s Czech baseball legend Pavel Budsky hit his 167th career home run.

[Spain] Dad throws fastballs and son hits them all over the parking lot

Not actually news, it was part of my weekend. And It’s the only pitch I can throw lol