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PYW’s 2021: Week 20

Luckily I made Jim pay for the extra leaf for our podium...

Silvestre De Sousa passionately kisses a large crystal trophy after winning The Coolmore Wootton Bassett Nunthorpe Stakes on Winter Power during Coolmore Nunthorpe day of the Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival 2021 at York racecourse Photo by Nigel French/PA Images via Getty Images

Last week, I asked you to come up with the next Event that would rival the Field of Dreams games. Lots of really good entries, but you all were stingy with the recs, so there wasn’t much separation between the entries and lots of ties. Don’t forget to hit that rec button! It’s free, gluten-free, vegan fun for the whole family!

Anyway, in first place with the only red comment this week is Jack Sommers!

Live, unedited streams of CBA negotiations. We deserve to know who to hate more when next season is delayed or canceled, the billionaires or the millionaires (4 recs)

In second place we find a tie between Justin27 and gzimmerm!


I also went the mascot route, but thought an exhibition game with all of the mascots — NL vs AL (3 recs)

BRB, gotta go figure out which position each mascot would play


Replicas of historic ballparks. Shibe Park, the Polo Grounds or come and see Ebbets Field, with a RF foupole distance of 297 feet and watch left handed hitters mash! (3 recs)

I actually think this would be a lot of fun. Not sure how they’d pull it off, but I’m sure Manfred has people for that. Finishing off our week, we have a three way tie for the final spot on our podium


Dbacks vs Cowboys baseball game at Jerrys world. Two franchises that haven’t won it all in decades battle it out. (2 recs)

But only if each team plays their sport for offense. So in the top of the inning, they’d play baseball with the Diamondbacks hitting, and the bottom of the inning, the Cowboys have an offensive drive.


I’d like to see several acres of broccoli or spinach plowerd under in service to mlb’s next pop up stadium (2 recs)

I mean, if they’re taking requests, let’s go after some Brussel sprouts or beets too


The Trevor Bauer trial (2 recs)

Counterpoint: No.


Player Recs
Player Recs
kilnborn 15
Jack Sommers 12
NikT77 12
FatElvis04 11
AzDbacksFanInDC 6
Diamondhacks 6
gzimmerm 3
Justin27 3

No change at the very top, but both Jack and Nik move past FatElvis for the second position. Remember, though, that Jack has already secured a position in the Final Round, and is just playing the second half for bragging rights. Two new faces as well, with gzimmerm and Justin making their first appearances on the second half leaderboard. Welcome! Make yourself at home!

This week, as you might possibly have heard, Tyler Gilbert threw a no hitter in his first big league start. It was only the fourth time that had happened in MLB history and the first time in sixty odd years. Name something more improbable than that. Go!