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Meme Monday 8/2: On Tha Run

What a trade deadline. I felt like I was punched in the gut when the news broke that Scherzer was headed to L.A. I remember rooting for him during the 2019 WS along with the other former D-backs that assembled themselves as Washington Nationals. Now, Max Scherzer is evil. He is dead to me. I can’t be the only one that feels about it this way.

Moving on. The Diamondbacks made some trades at the deadline, most notably 3b Eduardo Escobar was traded to the Brewers while this one guy Joakim Soria was traded to the Blue Jays. Prior to that, Stephen Vogt was traded to the Braves and Tim Locastro was traded to the Yankees. Locastro and Esky being both fan favorites will be missed. I hope whom’st’ever we got in return work out or make some sort of mark with the club in the future. Time will tell.

MadBum had a good game this past week but I am not ready to let him back into my life until he proves to me that he is a changed man.

Josh Van Meter is the talk of the town with all of his doubles and runnings. While Caleb Smith surely entered some sort of history books for his 70 pitch 1&2/3 inning failed outing against L.A. in yesterday’s game.

Oh, and Jordan Lawler finally signed on the dotted line. Praise be.

Now post some memes, ya bums.