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Meme Monday 8/16: The BIGGhead reveal

Tyler Gilbert, who? Winning? …..Keegan?

Well, my friends things have certainly gotten exciting this season for the D-backs. A winning streak again? No way. I don't believe it. TYLER GILBERT’s 1st career start no hitter? What drugs are these? Writing recaps that do not end in tears or (unsubsidized) drywall repairs? Inconceivable. I cannot believe my eyes. 2021 has been tough but this past week seems like a great time to be a Diamondbacks fan. The D-backs gave the Padres a run for their $$$ (spins wheel-of-maybe-wild-card-fortune) and at the same time reminded every one of us why it is important to be a fan, even when your team is struggling: You never know what you’re gonna see. I imagine the remainder of the 2021 season will be interesting to say the least.

Now share some memes you filthy bastards.

why’d you make me do this to you, Keegan?