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Bruteside Chats: The Gilbert

No, it’s not a gastropub or craft bar. It’s a badass pitcher.

My fellow Brutes, welcome to the latest Bruteside chat. WOW. Tyler Gilbert and his no no. Nobody knew who this guy was just a few days ago but they sure as shtt know who Tyler Gilbert is now. Tyler Gilbert is forever in the history books of this sport we all love and in a great way, one of the best ways. In this episode we discuss Turambar’s pre-beercap expectations to the news that ‘some guy’ Tyler Gilbert would be starting the game and how things quickly turned around. We also touch on Gilbert himself, the game, the excitement and much more. With all the good news to discuss (finally) we do have some bad news to share in this Bruteside chat: Finding out which NFL team Keegan roots for. Look for a pic of Keegan in that jersey in Meme Monday.