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Snake Bytes: 7/7 - A Win is a Win

A walk-off hit by pitch is still a win. Watching two terrible teams both try to not lose is just painful.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona News

Colorado 3, Arizona 4

Merrill Kelly had another solid outing, hopefully increasing his trade appeal. Joakim Soria even nailed down a scoreless final inning to register the win.

Peralta HBP Sends Arizona Home Winners

The Colorado Rockies are even worse on the road than the Diamondbacks. Last night, Arizona fans were given the opportunity to see what that looks like. Now, the Diamondbacks are in the driver’s seat to securing their first series win since the Clinton era.

Arizona Wins on Limp-Off

David Peralta’s knee took one for the team. Give the man a day off for providing the Diamondbacks a rare win.

Other Baseball News

One Trade Every Contender Needs to Make

Maybe some front offices should take this to heart. Two moves involve helping the Diamondbacks move some veterans.

Brewers Get 1B Tellez from Blue Jays

Well crap, Christian Walker could have helped Milwaukee more than that.

White Sox DFA Adam Eaton

This is not the season Adam Eaton signed up for.