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PYW’s 21: Week 17

Ya’ll really want to kick Ken Kendrick in the nuts, don’t ya?

Jack Johnson places a state championship trophy on display before a celebration ceremony for the late Wayne Steffenhagen  Tork Mason via Imagn Content Services, LLC

So quick recap, last week, Ken Kendrick got outed for sending a vaguely threatening email to a former Arizona AG and, at the time, current member of a law firm who represented the Diamondbacks after said AG controversially tweeted out that Kendrick is a terrible owner and should sell the team. At least one lawyer that Zach Buchanan spoke to said the email met the legal definition of a threat and a civil suit would not be out of the question. This all relates to PYW’s because I asked you all what the penalty should be for Kendrick if he would lose said civil suit. Your favorite suggestion came from NikT77, and let’s just say it started off a theme...

All season ticket holders get to kick Ken Kendrick in the nuts (4 recs)

Next up, we have a tie for second with two very different, yet equally horrifying, responses...


Ken Kendrick has to EAT his Honus Wagner card. 3 recs

Jack Sommers

Actually sit in the owners box every game from beginning to end Suffer like the rest of us (3 recs)

And rounding out our podium this week, we finish much the way we started with FatElvis04...

Kendrick has a choice to make Kendrick can either sell the team to someone who cares or allow Grant Woods (or his designee) to kick Ken Kendrick in the nuts, preferably while wearing steel-toed boots. (2 recs)

The part of me that was a lawyer in an alternate reality feels the need to add that we here at the Snakepit officially wish no harm to Mr. Kendrick, his nuts or otherwise, and wish him a long, happy, pain-free, and prosperous life. The latter wish, we humbly suggest, could be achieved by selling the team for a cool $700 million in profit... Just food for thought!

And now for the standings!


Player Recs
Player Recs
kilnborn 8
NikT77 7
Diamondhacks 4
Jack Sommers 3
FatElvis04 2

First of all, congrats to FatElvis for joining the podium for the first time this season! Despite a strong showing, kilnborn was unable to extend their lead, with Nik just one rec behind them in second place. The rest of the pack isn’t that far behind either, for that matter.

This week saw the MLB trade deadline come and go with not nearly as much activity with the Diamondbacks as some thought there would be. I want you to sum up the Diamondbacks organizational philosophy over the past week in ten words or less. Go!