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Dodgers 5, Arizona 6:Trade Deadline Cidercap (or not)

The Diamondbacks made six roster moves today, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images


I had an amazing blow by blow recap that I was about to post, all I needed to do was scroll down and finish assigning tags when POOF! there went the entire recap. The article writer does not have an undo feature.

I am NOT re-writing the recap and the cider reviews of an extra-inning game that went just short of five hours. Sorry folks. Here are the highlights.

The Diamondbacks jumped out in front due to Gonsolin’s inability to throw strikes. Zac Gallen was awesome through five. He hit a speed bump in the sixth. 3-2 good guys after six.

Then the game went from slow to snail’s pace. The Diamondbacks got the two runs back, but the Dodgers hung around. Middle inning highlights include Drew Ellis making his MLB debut as a pinch hitter and smacking a single into left. Miguel Aguilar, the Aces’ closer made his debut with a runner on third and no one out. He was brought in to face th heart of the Dodgers’ batting order. He stranded the runner at third. Welcome to the Bigs Miguel Aguilar.

Eventually, the Dodgers clawed their way back. With two outs and a runner on third, Pujols came in to pinch hit against Brett de Geus. Pujols singled up the middle to tie the game. Pujols then stole second before the inning was over.

Matt Peacock, the groundball specialist was brought in when the game went into extras. He escaped the inning on three flyballs. Because of course he did.

Varsho was the Manfred Runner in the tenth for the Diamondbacks. Josh VanMetr led off the inning, having already tallied three doubles in the game. He sent a liner back up the middle, but the shift stole the hit. Heads up running by Varsho kept him safe at second. Asdrúbal Cabrera flared a single into left, scoring Varsho.


Symonds Founder’s Reserve: Matt Peacock 48.4%
Magners: Asdrúbal Cabrera 40.2%, Miguel Aguilar 27.2%
Ace Pear Cider: -37.7%

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klinborn with the CotN, which had it’s own detailed segment of the original recap.

I’m surprised the walls in these stadiums can withstand the impact of a freight train at full speed.

“It’s ok. Had a bad day” - DBacks, 2020-2021

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