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D-backs 4, Gigantes 11: The ennui is overpowering

Yeah. It’s like that.

Dracula A.D. 1972 Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Record: 23-61. Pace: 44-118. Change on 2004: -7.

Here I am, up in the cool environs of northern Arizona and loving every moment of it.

Gonna mix things up a bit today since my parents have invited us next door for cocktails and dinner prior to the game. So tonight shall include both the hard stuff and suds. Let’s go!

Concoction 1: Old Fashioned

Gotta start with the classic cocktail, the one spoken of in the legends: the Old Fashioned. If you’re a bourbon guy/gal, this is your cocktail. Sweet and bourbon spice mixed as one perfect concoction; excellent.

Gallen walks Wade to open up the game, which does not fill me with happy feelings, especially for my favorite Dback. Luckily despite another walk Gallen gets out of the flaw filled 1st without any blood.

Gallen’s wheels though start to fall off in the 2nd as he gives up three hits and 2 subsequent runs to make it a 0-2 Gigantes game. FML

Concoction 2: Garrison Brothers Single Batch (on the rocks)

Good bourbon, like this is rare to find and hard to afford. Luckily for me my dad has money and well connected friends, so I’m thus able to enjoy this truly titanic spirit in a so far mediocre game.

Still no offense for us in the 2nd and things go from bad to worse in the 3rd for our pitching as Gallen gives up a homer and then takes an awkward fall off the mound followed quickly after by being pulled from the game. This season sure as shit is rough... 0-3 Gigantes

Peacock cleans things up in the 3rd, leaving it to the bats to actually show up in some capacity.

Peacock ends up being the first baserunner of the game here in the 3rd, but Rojas strikes out immediately after for the 3rd K in the inning despite the walk. F$&#ing lovely. Still 0-3 going in to the 4th.

Despite a double in the 4th, Peacock keeps things somewhat close in the 4th and we’re once again hoping the bats, but with Ahmed leading off I’m less than optimistic.

Ahmed must have hear me as he gets on with a lead off single. LOL as me right?

A hard fought at bat by Escobar rewards him with a infield single to move Ahmed all the way to third. Hell yea!.

Walker then gets hit to juice the bases for Cabrera who drives in Ahmed and Escobar with a hard hit single. Escobar, btw, beating the throw to home only by the grace of God. 2-3 Gigantes and still no outs.

Vogt loads up the bases again after Pavin Smith strikes out, but Wood records his 7th K on Heath leaving it to Peacock to make the difference, but he grounds out to close out the the 4th. At least it’s a game now.

Concoction 3: Captain Insano IPA by Knee Deep Brewing Co

Peacock gives up a 1out double to Crawford who Flores drives in soon thereafter to get the score to 2-4 Gigantes.

Soon thereafter Peacock gives up another double to drive in Dugger and we’re now back to our 3rd deficit with the Giants up 5-2.

FYI, this beer is ok, but not great. It’s a hop bomb that’s also very malty which is a turnoff for me. Don’t get me wrong, these guys make godlike beer, but I feel they missed the mark on this one.

Dbacks threaten in the bottom of the 5th, but Cabrera helps Woods record his 8th K and we’re once again denied: 2-5 Gigantes

Peacock gets himself a 1-2-3 inning in the 6th, but he sure as shit could use some help, and fast.

No Woods anymore in the 6th, but that’s no problem for the Giants as they cruise through us once more leading in to the 7th. Still 2-5 Giants. Uggghghghghghgh

Mantiply relieves Peacock here in the 7th. I hope he doesn’t Mantiply this score more than it already is. Credit to EdBigghead on that terrible joke.

Luckily Mantiplication does not come in to play and we’re off to the bottom of the 7th where........the offense continues to do nothing. Still same score, still same 2021 Dbacks...

Concoction 4: Another Old Fashioned

No good beer in the frig, so I gotta stick to the glorious combo of bitters, bourbon, ice and sugar.

Wow. Just wow. With 2outs in the 8th and an easy pop up forced by de Gues sees Reddick give up on the ball allowing a double followed swiftly thereafter by a homer to drive in the run that should not have been making it 2-7 Giants.

I feel like this game is a microcosm of this season; early optimism, injury, frustrating inconsistency and weird innings.

Escobar adds on to the weird with a solo shot to cut the lead to 4 here in the 8th. Likely too little too late, but I’ll take it. 3-7 Giants.

Pavin Smith! Our one true hope, homers in the 8th to make it slightly more of a game at 4-7 Giants. Woot!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I’m getting old and this game is getting long so I’m gonna leave it up to our glorious editor n chief to complete this abomination.

Have a great 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Men in Black: Eduardo Escobar, +10.1%
Men in Black: International: Zac Gallen, -21.8%
Men in Black 3: Nick Heath, -12.5%

He didn’t miss much, it seems. I was hanging with my wife, watching Dracula AD 1972. Which if you’ve made it all the way down here, looking for an explanation of this recap’s photo... there you go. J.B. Bukauskas allowed a grand-slam in the ninth after three walks and an error loaded the bases (there was a double-play in the middle, in case you were wondering). His ERA is now 7.45. Present in the Gameday Thread were: AzDbackfanInDc, Dano_in_Tucson, Diamondhacks, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Jim McLennan, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, NikT77, Oldenschoole, Snacks&Dbacks, Snake_Bitten, VW Beetle, Xerostomia, cnsiele and kilnborn. My comment comparing Gallen to Robbie Ray was the only one with > 2 comments, so nada.

Gallen has a dodgy hamstring, which appears required for all members of the 2021 D-backs. He’ll be evaluated. We’ll be back tomorrow for the same two teams. And when I say “we”, I probably don’t mean “me”. But fireworks!