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Meme Monday 7/26: Winning More, Losing Less

D-backs have won 9 games so far this July, a welcomed improvement

My fellow snake-pitters, welcome back to Meme Monday. After a well deserved week-off I have returned to grace you with some of the best (if not the very best) D-backs memes in the business.

Now, I just want to remind everyone that these memes are satire and not to be taken seriously. It is important to have thicker skin when viewing memes that are meant to be humorous, and not to consider them a personal attack.

To recap the past couple of weeks of Dbacks baseball, winning is back in while losing seems to be not as trendy as it has been with the team all season. The Dbacks swept the Pirates out of Chase Field while owning a successful home stretch during that time. Great news if I may say. Daulton Varsho has come out of his shell offensively, while Pavin Smith continues to give us a future to look forward to. Meanwhile Merrill (Tha Real Ace) Kelly shows why those of us who did not want to re-sign him are big baseball dummies.

I know you must have some pent-up memes ready to launch, so get on with it.