Cubs 5, D-backs 1: No road series win for Arizona

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Record: 31-70. Pace: 50-112. Change on 2004: -1.

Today's pitching matchup will be Trevor Williams vs Caleb Smith. Since being put back into the rotation, Smith has pitched well in all but 2 outings. In 9 starts, he has a deceptive 5.20 ERA and a 1-5 W-L record, has struck out twice as many as he has walked and opponents are batting .218 against him. Take out the start against the Dodgers and I am sure the ERA would drop a lot since he gave up 9 in only 1 inning. Smith has never faced the Cubs as a Dback, but on May 7th, 2019-while pitching for Miami, he struck out 11 in 6.2 giving up 2 runs. Trevor Williams' last appearance against the Dbacks was in April 2019, when he was still with the Pirates.

Part of the reason I wanted to do this game was to see if there were any trades. Maybe talk about the new guy or lament that EE has been mysteriously scratched from today's contest (He hasn't been, just an example), etc. So far there hasn't been anyone traded, but still a few days to go before the trade deadline.

If we win this game, it will be our first road series win since the series in Atlanta in April. I recapped game 1 of the double header. :)

Today I woke up and took a walk in the rain. It was great, currently 68* at 11am per my patio themometer. I made an instapot recipe, New England Style Clam Chowder that is very good, so that is my lunch roll call. Fry's has a "make your own 6-pack" thing, so I got a few IPAs and a surprise for DC.

First inning

Varsho pops up to Baez to begin the game. Pavin doubles down the LF line, one of the first pitches he saw was way up and in, a bit odd. Escobar grounded out to 2B and into the overshift. Calhoun then also grounds out to 2B, stranding Pavin Smith at 3B.

Contreras, their catcher, batting lead off walks. Kris Bryant now, launches one to left-center and it is 2-0 Cubs. Big ovation, the Cubs fans know this might be the last time they see a Bryant home run. Rizzo, who I saw play for the Tucson Padres, homers to the RF bleachers on a 3-2 count. Still nobody out. Baez trying obviously to go back-to-back-to-back strikes out on 3 pitches. Wisdom strikes out on a foultip. Marisnick flys out to Varsho as the Cubs fans oohh and aww at a can of corn. Twenty-six pitches for Caleb Smith.

Second inning

Cabrera leads things off by striking out. Seems about right. Peralta gets rung up on a low strike 3 call. Ahmed strikes out swinging, he was the only batter that made Williams work.

The Frys "make your own 6 pack" I bought 5 IPAs and a Michelob Ultra. Never tried MU before, popped it open. It's ok, but I wasn't expecting anything awesome.

Bote for the Cubs, pops up to Pavin. Hoerner 3-2, fouls one off then swings and misses at a high fastball. Trevor Williams pops up to 2B. After throwing batting practice, Caleb Smith has sent the next 6 down in order.

Third inning

Holaday FO9. Caleb Smith struck out on a 3-2 pitch. Since Pavin Smith's double in the first, we have not had a base runner. Varsho singles to the left side, beating the shift, Bote playing where the SS usually would be. Pavin, comebacker to the mound and it is a GO1-4.

Contreras grounds out to Cabrera at 3B. Kris Bryant again, swinging at a low and away pitch, grounds out to Cabrera as well. 50th pitch of the ballgame to Rizzo is a strike, Smith bounces a couple, then strikes him out.

Fourth inning

Escobar pops up to Bote at 3B. Kole Cal-struckout. Cabrera grounds out to Hoerner. 65 pitches for Williams through 4.

Beer #2 is Hazy IPA, Four Peaks, 6.5abv. It's fruity.
Beaz strikes out for Smith's 5th K. Wisdom, hanging around, makes it 3-2, then walks. Marisnick, strikes out swinging and Holaday throws to 1B to try and pick off Wisdom but it wasn't in time. Bote hit a 2 run shot to LF, ball middle of the plate. Hoerner pops up to Escobar. 5-0 Cubs.

Fifth inning

Peralta responds by weakly flying out to RF. Ahmed grounds out, 2 quick outs. Bryan Holaday doubles to the ivy. Pitchers spot is up, Caleb Smith will bat for himself and ground out to Baez.

Broadcast polishing a turn "Caleb Smith has only given up 3 hits, blah blah (all 3 are homers)." Trevor Williams grounds out to 3B. Smiths 1-0 pitch to Contreras and it sails way over everyone to the backstop, 2-0...walks on a borderline high pitch. You arent getting those calls pitching like this. Contreras runs on Smith, who steps off and throws to Pavin, who has to throw to Escobar. Contreras is safe with a stolen base. Broadcast talking about "getting to know pitchers and what makes new players tick and when to get them." Just say it, he shouldn't still be out there. Rizzo flies out to Peralta, over to the wall and Peralta falls over it into the stands and makes the catch. Cubs fans help him up and everyone is fine.

Sixth inning

Varsho leads things off by flying out to CF. Pavin 1-0 golf swings a pitch into CF and Marisnick has it as well. Escobar flies out to LF.

Caleb is still out there. Baez, lines out to left. Wisdom is Caleb's 8th strikeout victim. Caleb is at 100 pitches, Marisnick flies out to Varsho.

Seventh inning

Trevor Smith still out there. Calhoun singles. Cubs now have Ryan Tepera throwing in the bullpen. Cabrera strikes out. Peralta grounds to where the 3B would be but it gets through because of the shift. Commercial break, so I assume new pitcher is coming in? Double switch, Ortega takes over in LF, and Tepera in the game. Anyone but Williams! Who am I kidding. Ahmed grounds out to...the catcher. Holaday pops up to Baez who will catch it a few feet from the mound

Jake Faria now on for the Dbacks, and walks Bote on 4 pitches. Hoerner now, 2-0 count that is 6 straight balls for Faria, ball 7. 92mph fastball down the middle of the plate for the first strike and then walks him too lol Matt Herges out there now, Ortega showing bunt on the first offering takes it for a strike. Shows bunt again, Cabrera late charging and Ortega is on with a bunt base hit. Contreras, NO ONE IS WARMING UP IN OUR BULLPEN, 2-1, comebacker and Faria throws to Holaday for the first out. Bryant drills one, but foul left side, Joe Mantiply will now start throwing. Bryant strikes out. Mantiply in, Rizzo grounds one to 1B and gets past Pavin BUT it caromed off Contreras who had no where to go is out. It is scored as 3U.

3rd beer, Dayfall Belgian White bergamont and orange peel Stone Brewing company California I think. 5.5 abv. Very good.

Eighth inning

Fairchild to PH, Cub pitcher now Adam Morgan. Works it to 3-2 and then walks. Varsho strikes out. Pavin broken bat dumps a hit right before Baez, short hopped him. At first I thought it might have hit Fairchild and I was like what are the odds of that. Oh, gameday says Pavin singled to Hoerner (2B) deflected by Baez. So we have 2 on and one out. Dan Winkler is the next Cub pitcher. Escobar walks and the bases are full with 1 away. Calhoun, 0-2, and...and strikes out. Cabrera, 0-3 with 2 strikeouts, (Kimbrel is now warming up) and he grounds out.

Riley Smith is now in the game for us. Baez grounds it up the middle to Escobar who bare hands it and gets the out. Baez stumbles and falls down past 1B, but he is able to get up and limps off. Interesting to see if he stays in to play the field. I would just sit him. Happ PHs and flies out. Marisnick will single to CF. Bote flies out to CF.

Ninth inning

Dillon Maples is the new Cub pitcher. Peralta gets the count to 3-2, before walking on a slider that missed badly in. Nick Ahmed now, weak chopper to 3B and he gets thrown out, Peralta to 2B. Reddick PHs for Holaday and lines out to SS. Andy Young PHs for the pitchers spot and dumps one into CF, for our first run. Varsho now, he walks. Kimbrel now in the ballgame. Pavin, looks at a 2-1 pitch that is called a strike, but should probably have been a ball outside. He then flies out to RF for the final out.

From Wrigley Field in Chicago, the final is 5 to 1 Cubs, The Dbacks had 7 hits and 10 LOB but the Cubs were more efficient 6 hits (3 hrs) and only 5 LOB. Time of the ballgame 3 hours and 13 minutes.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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The Fifth Element: Pavin Smith, +1.6%
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: Caleb Smith, -25.0%

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Dammit, gzimmerm, they're still not bears. :) Thanks to Justin27 for the guest recap, and the D-backs head off to Texas, to start a two-game set there after an off-day tomorrow.. The Rangers just lost their twelfth game in a row, so if the D-backs can't win that series...