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Snake Bytes: 7/24 - Loveable Losers

Which team, you may ask?

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago Cubs David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 3, Chicago 8

When Zac Gallen surrendered three runs in the bottom of the first, it made the decision to switch the viewing to the season two premiere of Ted Lasso very easy for many fans.

Don’t Excuse Gallen for Stinking - He Doesn’t

Got to love a young player who is his own harshest critic.

Spectators in Wrigleyville Uncover Fabled Zach Davies Win

Buried beneath the shameless performance of a AAAA team, it was excavated by three home runs by the Baby Bears.

Only Six More Days to Make a Move

Other Baseball News

Swinging Less Is Better in NL West

Maybe the Diamondbacks could try not swinging at a single pitch for a game. I mean, could it get any worse?

How to Get Ohtani, Trout to Playoffs (ESPN+)

The subtitle should read “Without Trading them to a Contender”. Long story short, draft 20 pitchers, 19 from the college ranks and then continue to look for MLB-ready arms. Then, hope something pans out, since apparently no pitcher is willing to go to L.A. unless it is to pitch for those guys to dumb to just stay off the trolley tracks to begin with.

Bauer Restraining Order Hearing Postponed to Aug. 2

This case just keeps getting stranger and uglier.

Starlin Castro’;s Admin Leave Extended Seven Days

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said on Tuesday that he doesn’t plan on having Castro back with the team this season.

Angels Minor Leaguers Throw Moreno Under Buss - Back It Up

First it was essentially feeding the A’s minor leaguers prison food. Then it was housing for the Giants’ minor leaguers. Now it’s the general living conditions and housing for the Angels’ minor leaguers. Yet, MLB and the MLBPA continue to spend exorbitant amounts of resources on maintaining the status quo.

The Tweet That Threw Gasoline on the Fire