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Snake Bytes: 7/17 - Changing, Staying the Same

The Diamondbacks began to shed the skin of the 2021 team, but they are still the same 2021 team.

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Chicago 5, Arizona 1

Madison Bumgarner’s return from the IL went about as well as could be hoped for. That didn’t change much for the Diamondbacks though. The offense still couldn’t score and the bullpen was unable to throw up three zeros on the scoreboard.

Bumgarner’s Return Not Enough

That Bumgarner allowed only two runs through six full innings of work, yet the Diamondbacks were unable to keep him from being hung with a loss says just about all one needs to know about how things are going in the desert.

Bumgarner’s Strong Outing Wasted

Madison Bumgarner reached the upper end of his pitch limit, throwing 79 pitches in his first game back from the IL. He threw 54 of those pitches for strikes. He allowed only two runs on two hits and a walk. Despite all this, the Diamondbacks never felt like they were in the game. The offense failed to support Bumgarner. The first pitcher out of the bullpen once Bumgarner was lifted (this time it was Matt Peacock) promptly surrendered three runs, all but putting the game in the ol’ deep freeze.

Escobar Reflects on ASG Experience

Eduardo Escobar made the trip to Colorado as Arizona’s representative at the All-Star Game. It was Escobar’s first trip to that event. Escobar made sure to soak it all in while appreciating the moment.

Diamondbacks Trade Stephen Vogt to Braves

As covered here at the pit last night, the Diamondbacks have consummated the first of what is likely to be a number of veteran trades, sending catcher Stephen Vogt to the Atlanta Braves for right-handed non-prospect first baseman Mason Berne.

Other Baseball News

Shohei Ohtani Donates HR Derby Bonus to Angels Staffers

Ohtani received a $150,000 bonus for his participation in the Home Run Derby. He turned around and distributed that bonus to roughly 30 staffers in the Angels organization for all they do. Seriously folks, just stop looking for any reasons not to love this young man as the face of the sport.

Vlad Jr. Soaring to New Heights

The younger Vlad is doing things to baseballs that should give pitchers and opposing mangers nightmares - and he is only getting better. Here’s some related fun:

Guerrero Jr will continue to challenge Shohei Ohtani to be the AL MVP for 2021. If he is successful, the Vlads will become the first father/son duo to both win the award.

No Timetable for Kershaw’s Return

Despite being in a real battle for supremacy in the NL West, the Dodgers are content to let Kershaw’s return to action play out in own time so that he can potentially provide meaningful impact in October.

Cronenworth Hits for Cycle as Pads Score 24

You know you are having a bad night when you score eight runs in six innings and are never in the game. That was the Washington Nationals last night.

Potential Trades for Each First Place Team

While Escobar to the Brewers still makes sense, there are reasons to think that Escobar might not be enough of an upgrade for Milwaukee to go down that particular path.

Five Trade Deadline Angel/Devil Conversations for GMs

The Mariners, Indians, Phillies, Reds, and Angels have some difficult decisions to make.