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PYW’s 2021: Week 15

Feeling rested? Good.

Commissioner of baseball Robert D. Manfred Jr. presents American League All-Star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #27 of the Toronto Blue Jays with the MVP trophy following the 91st MLB All-Star Game Photo by Matt Dirksen/Colorado Rockies/Getty Images

Well everyone, I hope you’re feeling rested and ready to go for the second half of the season. To recap, Jack Sommers ran away with the first finalist position, beating Diamondhacks by almost 20 points. That’s all fine and dandy, but now that we’re embarking on the second half, everything is erased and we start over!

We have one finalist for the championship round, but now we need to choose our second finalist. We’ll do it just the same as before. In the event that Jack wins the second half as well, the second finalist position will be given to the half’s runner up. At the end of the season, the two winners will go head to head based off their body of work for their winning half. Jacks top three most rec’d posts will face off against the second half finalist’s top three, and you’ll choose by voting in a poll to decide the winner.

To do that, however, we need a prompt. There has been something of a discussion this year regarding players opting out of the All Star Game, whether that is something they should be allowed to do, and if them doing so invalidates the entire purpose of the game. Your challenge, come up with a way to get players to participate. This can be a change to the format of the game, an incentive, a threat, your call. Go!