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Win a limited edition FOCO Arizona Diamondbacks City Connect Bobblehead!

Here’s a giveaway as we head into the second half...

FOCO Collectibles are releasing a pair of limited edition bobbleheads, featuring David Peralta and Carson Kelly, wearing the spiffy new City Connect threads, which were revealed last month. They’ll be hitting the shelves towards the end of the season, but you can win one of them, right here on the SnakePit!

If you’d rather not wait, however, or would prefer to guarantee getting one, you can pre-order them from FOCO through this link. The Carson Kelly one is still being finalized, hence the rather unusual image for that! But here’s a full look at the David Peralta one. Which might end up being even more collectible, depending on what happens at the trade deadline... :(

How to enter

To enter, you need to use your skill and judgement to predict the following things for the game against the Cubs in Chicago on Saturday July 24.

  1. Number of runs scored by the Diamondbacks
  2. Number of runs conceded by the Diamondbacks
  3. Total number of hits by both sides combined.

The first category, runs scored, will be used to determine the winners - the people who come closest to predicting the actual number scored by Arizona. In the event of a tie there - say, if four people nail the exact number of runs by the D-backs - those four will then move first on to the second category, and if necessary, the third category as a way to decide the winners. In the unlikely event of all three categories ending level, I’ll be drawing lots.


  • Entries will be accepted by posting a comment in the following format:
    Runs scored:
    Runs conceded:
    Total hits:
  • One entry per SnakePit user. Multiple entries will lead to them ALL being discarded, so make sure your first comment is the one you want.
  • Entries close a week from today, at 3 pm Arizona time on July 21st.
  • The prizes: Two (2) winners will each receive one (1) bobblehead. I’ll be in touch with them after the game to get a mailing address to send over to FOCO. Again, they’re not coming out until October, so don’t hold your breath for them to arrive...
  • Usual SnakePit Commissioner rules apply, e.g. I reserve the right to do what I judge is in the best interests of the SnakePit. :)
  • Have fun!