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Meme Monday 6/28: Losing Streaks Broken

Losing Remains

Welcome to the latest edition of Meme Monday. To recap the past week: The Diamondbacks have won 2 entire 9 inning games in the span of 7 days! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO! I am being completely serious in my joy, the team isn’t as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago. And how about them bunts in yesterday’s game? ‘Shake things up’ as Candiotti would say. Speaking of shaking things up, Ketel Marte seems to have reaggravated his hammy injury that sidelined him for several weeks earlier in the season. The team has not really said what is up, though just last Wednesday they were not ‘concerned’ with a separate injury/discomfort that Marte was experiencing, forcing him to exit a game early last week.

So here we are. Another injury, another lost series, and MORE MEMES. Enjoy.