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Diamondbacks 10, Padres 1: Twenty-four and out

This time I’m significantly more composed

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll, I’ve returned and I’m far more composed than last time. Day drinking prior to a Beercap is a very bad idea btw.

Beer 1: Astro World Triple Dry Hopped Triple IPA by Black Stack Brewing

Maybe sent it a little to hard with this choice right off the bat (pun intended) but F-it. It’s the weekend.

As I alluded above, yes, last game was not my finest hour. Day drinking with the wife and rolling that in to my colorful version of a recap does not a good combo make.

One thing though remains the same from last week to this: the road losing streak. That’s right folks the Un-lauded streak has reached 24 after last night, so let’s see if tonight’s the night we end it.

Marte gets on in the 1st as the D-back’s first base runner of the night……..then pulls his hamstring and leaves the game. FML.

Seriously. This season we are all truly snake bitten. F$&@!!!!!!

Reddick checks in as a baserunner in place of Marte and Escobar wastes no time in bringing him home with a double to left. No other fireworks in the 1st, but at least we started things out with a lead. 1-0 D-backs

Kelly gets through the first without giving me a heart attack, then my wife spills boiling pasta water on herself. In my haste to help aid my wife (she’s fine btw) I missed Walker’s homer. Thus our lead is up to 2 now early in the game. I can live with that kind of start.

Kelly gets in a bit of trouble here in the 2nd with runners on the corners and Profar at the plate. Blessedly he gets jammed up and pops up to make it two outs with Rivas up to bat, who helps Kelly’s cause with a ground out to end the 2nd. Still 2-0 D-backs going in to the 3rd.

Wow. Either Lamet is just having a bad night or the D-backs are finally having a good one. That of course being in response to Escobar’s two run blast in the 3rd. My money’s on Lamet having a bad night, but we’ll see. 4-0 D-backs.

Lamet’s night ends almost immediately after giving up a single to Peralta, but we don’t get much of a look at Mason Thompson as Cabrera hits in to a double play to end our half of the 3rd.

Beer 2: Campsite IPA by Burgeon Beer Co.

Hmmmm. A west coast style IPA with a noticeable bread like mouth feel. Not sure if I love this beer, but I do like it. It may grow on me, but it’s weird.

I am loving Kelly so far this game. He’s not been dominant, but he’s been as I could have ever hoped for again a truly dominant team like the Padres.

Kelly gets 2Ks, gives up a hit, but he mostly cruises out of the 3rd unscathed. Sign me up for more of this kind of baseball. 4-0 D-backs going in to the 4th.

Walker and Pavin Smith combine for a double and a single to start the 4th and Vogt ground out still results in a run and we find ourselves up by FIVE runs. Wow.

Rojas keeps the fun going with another single to drive in Pavin and we got 6runs. Where was this kind of baseball the last 24 road games????? 6-0 D-backs

Kelly does it again! Another scoreless inning in the 4th. Still a lot of baseball left but I got a kernel of hope. It ain’t much hope yet, but it’s something.

Gonna be honest with you all, the Suns final seconds have taken priority here, so my viewing of the 4th and 5th inning has been compromised to say the least. Bear with me folks, the Suns just happen to be a bigger deal now.

Escobar dbl and a Peralta single with 1 out keeps the pain train going against the Padres, but Cabrera grounding out and Walker following his example puts those hopes to bed.

Ok. SUNS WIN! Now I’m back focused on the D-backs. Sorry all.

Beer 3: Cryo Luminescence by Temescal Brewing Co

Ok, now that the Suns are one step closer to glory I can return my focus to Merrill Kelly’s mostly solid game here in the 5th.

Kelly gets a HUGE strike out of Tatis Jr to end the 5th with two on. Tatis had just barely missed a three run bomb earlier in the at bat, so to say he dodged a bullet is quite the understatement.

Lol at Padres. They had every opportunity to get Merrill Kelly out in his at bat in the 6th, and he was eager to do a sac bunt as well, but they somehow walked him. Lol lol lolollllolollllll

After a Rojas strikeout Reddick adds on to the run fest with a single to make it 7-0 and then Escobar does the same to drive in Kelly to make it 8-0. What a night, wow.

Kelly notches up another scoreless inning in the 6th folks. It feels real now, it feels like we might break the Streak-that-shall-not-be-named. 8-0 D-backs going in to the 7th.

Kelly’s excellent night is over and we now turn to Butcher in the 7th….who promptly walks the first Padre he faces. Nice.

Followed by a double to put Padres on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Great….

Bases get loaded full of Padres after Butcher walks Tatis Jr, and somehow Butcher gets the strikeout on Cronenworth to end the inning. Wild.

Beer 4: The Devil Wears Piranhas by Humble Sea

Rojas gets another hit here in the 8th to drive in Vogt making it a 9-0 game.

Escobar needed a triple for the cycle, but settles for a sac ground out to make it a 10-0 game. I can live with that, though the cycle would have been cool.

Bullpen once again holds up their end of the bargain in the 8th and we’re now off to the 9th with quite a bit of hope to finally get a road win.

No further runs for us in the top of the 9th and thus it falls to Soria to close out this improbable win.

Rojas makes an amazing over the shoulder catch to record the 1st out of the 9th, but Soria still manages to allow a run immediately after putting the Padres on the board at last. 10-1 D-backs and Manitply replaces Soria

Finally, we won on the road.
I’m done. Bye.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

Fangraphs seems to have taken the night off with their chart, but here’s the one from Baseball Savant instead:

No individual player stats available, I’m afraid, but I am pretty sure that the part of Jack Bauer tonight, was played by Merrill Kelly, dammit. We’ll fill in the blanks eventually, once Fangraphs catches up. Over 250 comments in the Gameday Thread, which is not bad considering tonight’s contest was - as you may have noticed, and our recapper certainly did - going up against the Suns’ playoff game. Still, present were: AzDbackfanInDc, AzRattler, Diamondhacks, EdTheRed99, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Justin27, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, NikT77, Oldenschoole, Snacks&Dbacks, Snake_Bitten, Tom Babbage, Xerostomia, gzimmerm, kilnborn and since_98. But nothing turned red.

The D-backs do have another chance at winning a series tomorrow afternoon. Should be a good pitching contest, with Yu Darvish and Zac Gallen facing off. 1:10 pm first pitch for that!