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SnakeBytes 6/25: Quiet off day edition

At least the Diamondbacks couldn’t lose yesterday

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Arizona Diamondbacks Nick Heath steals second base and knocks over Brewers’ second baseman Willy Adames

Didn’t really see much of any Diamondbacks news. As the writer who completely forgot about SnakeBytes last night when I normally write it, I totally understand why national and even local writers would want to waste the off day thinking about the Diamondbacks. In that case, we’ll just jump straight into the rest of baseball...

MLB News

(Beyond The Boxscore) How effectively are MLB teams utilizing depth against high volume of injuries?

Hip impingements, shoulder issues, and an absolute slew of hamstring injuries. Depending on your personal level of clairvoyance, perhaps it was possible to see Major League Baseball’s massive influx of injuries ahead of time. Maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, there’s a clear battle occurring between individual clubs and the respective ability to maintain the health of their players. Some teams have had their early aspirations relatively halted. Others have managed to stave off struggles with the help of their depth. The purpose of this exercise is to examine the latter. Just don’t hurt yourself reading it.

(NBC Sports) No-hitter No. 7: Cubs blank Dodgers, tie MLB season record

The four Cubs combined for the seventh no-hitter in the majors this year, matching the most in a season since 1900, as Chicago blanked the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-0 Thursday night. The Dodgers drew eight walks, getting at least one from each opposing pitcher, but managed no other baserunners.

(ESPN) 23rd MLB team reaches 85% COVID-19 vaccinations as shots slow

A 23rd Major League Baseball team has reached the 85% vaccination threshold for players and other on-field personnel, which allows relaxed protocols, but there were few additional vaccinations in the past week.

MLB and the players’ association said Friday that 85.4% of Tier 1 and 2 individuals had been fully vaccinated, up just 0.1% from the previous week, and 86.5% had received at least one dose, unchanged from the previous week.

(MLBTR) Zack Godley Elects Free Agency

Godley certainly hasn’t been effective in his 3 1/3 innings with the Brewers this season, surrendering five earned runs, but he’s been sharp with their Triple-A affiliate. He’s thrown 30 innings down in Nashville and logged a 2.40 ERA with a strong 28.6 percent strikeout rate, a 10.1 percent walk rate and a 44.4 percent ground-ball rate.

No word on if he has learned how to stay on the mound while pitching...