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Snake Bytes: 6/2 - A Diamondbacks Win with Something Extra

A bench-clearing incident, accusations of racism, and extra innings, all part of a rare Diamondbacks victory.

New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

New York 4, Arizona 5 (10)

Caleb Smith was tabbed for the start as Arizona continued looking for answers to their rotation issues. The bullpen held their own. The offense found some rare timely hitting. Oh, Josh Rojas and Marcus Stroman did some jaw-jacking that resulted in the benches clearing and then Stroman took issue with a sarcastic comment by Bob Brenly.

Diamondbacks Stir the Pot Against Stroman

Josh Rojas popped out to end the fifth inning, but that was just the beginning of the excitement.

“He was looking at me after I flew out. We made eye contact and then we had an exchange of words, but, I mean, just trying to get the guys going,” Rojas said. “You know, he’s out there throwing well, let’s try to mix things up there and stir the pot a little bit and get us going.”

Mohawk Reddick Walks Off D-backs

In an effort to shake things up in the clubhouse, Josh Reddick went out and got himself a mohawk. Then his wife convinced him to go all out and dye it red. Now, Reddick is providing a wlak-off double in extra innings.

Diamondbacks Win Second 1-Run Game of Season

That the season is now in June and the Diamondbacks are only just now winning their second one-run game of the season tells one just about all they need to know about how the season is going for Arizona. It didn’t matter on Tuesday night. With the start of a new calendar month came the a new-look team. Reddick was sporting a red mohawk. Caleb Smith was on the mound making a start. The position players were healthy. The bullpen held things together. Oh, and there was actually timely hitting by the offense. The result was a hard-fought win against one of the NL’s best teams.

Marcus Stroman Irked by Racist Undertones in Brenly Quip

Bob Brenly is no stranger to dripping sarcasm in his colour commentary. It’s sort of his shtick. On Tuesday, that included the following with regard to his commentary on Mets starter, Marcus Stroman:

“Pretty sure that’s the same durag that Tom Seaver used to wear when he pitched for the Mets,”

Stroman, a vocal advocate of racial awareness, was not having any of it:

After the game, Stroman tweeted, “Onward and upward...through all adversity and racist undertones. The climb continues through all!”

Stroman took things a step further, stating the media was going to turn things around on him for speaking out against one of their own.

Oy vey!

Other Baseball News

Inaugural Lou Gehrig Day: All the Details

June 2 is both the date on which Gehrig joined the Yankees and the date upon which he passed away from ALS. Now it is going to be the date MLB uses to raise awareness of and funds for fighting the disease.

The Greatest Shohei on Earth

As much publicity as Shohei Ohtani has been getting of late, is it actually doing justice to just how special this season has been so far?

Athletics Fire Minor League Food Vendor

Statement by the A’s:

“Several weeks ago, we were made aware of the postgame meals being served to players in our Minor League system. Those options were completely unacceptable and by no means meet our quality standards. We immediately ended our relationship with that third party vendor.”

These comments were made in response to a tweet which went viral showing a pair of pictures of “food” being served as the postgame meal to the organization’s minor league players.

Nine Low-Hype Prospects to Watch For

Alas, none of these prospects will be debuting for the Diamondbacks.