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PYWs 2021: Week 12

Let’s see how we’re going to be entertained between innings, shall we?

Background: PERTH, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 18: Trevor Gleeson, coach of the Wildcats acknowledges the supporters after being presented the 2021 NBL Coach Of The Year trophy by former Wildcats head coach Alan Black during game one of the NBL Grand Final Series between the Perth Wildcats and Melbourne United at RAC Arena, on June 18, 2021, in Perth, Australia. Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

Last week, I asked you to help the Diamondbacks come up with some new, fun, and exciting activities for between innings. Of heck, maybe even during innings. Not like anything worth watching is happening then anyway, amiright?! /rimshot Anyway. Lots of good suggestions this week, with all three winners being turned red. Leading the way is MrMrrbi!

Seriously, You have one of the best organists in the business with Bobby Freeman. Why not just let him jam every so often? He does some cool songs, and I enjoy just listening and watching the players throw the ball around. I know, get off my lawn! (7 recs)

Absolutely. Even during the good years, Dbacks games need more Bobby Freeman. In second place, we find NikT77!

Open tryouts for the team If they’re gonna lose, at least make it funny for the fans. And clearly since_98 should be the skipper for this new team of misfits. And maybe we can get Chico’s Bail Bonds to be the new corporate sponsor! (6 recs)

I’ll be there. Heck, it’s not like the team can get any worse.

Alt Text (Because it’s too long to fit in the form spot on the image)

This is a serious one:

Fans that are better educated in the game are better fans more likely to stick around. Between innings use that massive jumbo tron to have teaching moments. For example

1.) Coaches Corner: Every day a coach gives some instruction or tip. It might be what players should be backing up where on a play, or it might be basic swing or hitting mechanics. How to slide into a base. How to avoid balking….whatever

2.) Rules Review: Every day review one rule of the game that comes up from time to time, teach the rule and use video to give examples

3.) Stat of the day: Teach about one stat each day, what it measures , how to use it.

4) Down on the farm: Highlight a player a day, show video, maybe a click of him talking. Let the fans get to know about players from the low minors on up. So when they show up some day, there is a connection.

5.) Find ways to make it as interactive as possible. Follow up a rules review with a quiz a couple innings later. People can use their phone to tap in text an answer and you can see the collective “grade” of the crowd. Get people into it and the community spirit of it, trying to help each other improve the grade……

These are a few examples. It has to be done smart, and crips, and professional. You only have two minutes. Don’t half ass it. (7 recs)

All really good suggestions. They have Down on the Farm, but it’s forgettable at best, usually just focusing on one players line from the night before. These would all be great for getting more casual fans interested in the game.

Let’s take a look at what this does to the standings!


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 36
Diamondhacks 22
Nikt77 17
MrMrrbi 15
Justin27 14
AzRattler 8
Makakilo 6
Jim McLennan 5
Smurf1000 5
Preston Salisbury 3
Rockkstarr12 2
AzDbacksFanInDC 1

Jack continues to extend his first half lead with a few weeks to go in the first half, increasingly looking like he’s going to run away with it. Counterpoint, however, both MrMrrbi and Nik made huge gains this week and are now in fourth and third respectively.

This week, the long dark summer drags on. As of writing, the Diamondbacks have lost 15 consecutive games overall and 23 straight road games. There is no sign of it getting better any time soon, possibly not before I turn 30. So let’s keep it simple. Name something that should NOT be, but is better, than watching this crappy season. Go!