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Snake Bytes: 6/16 - So, That Happened...

Make that 21 losses in a row on the road.

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 8, San Francisco 9

Arizona jumped out to a four-run lead after one and a seven-run lead after two. The bullpen gave up a go-ahead grand slam in the eighth. That’s 21 in a row on the road now.

San Francisco Stunner

Things were looking good for the Diamondbacks for six innings. Despite some shaky pitching, the massive lead Arizona’s bats established early seemed like it might just hold. But this is the 2021 Diamondbacks and this is a bullpen with zero good options at the moment.

Diamondbacks Lose 21st Consecutive on Road

The Diamondbacks’ bats came alive for the first two innings, spotting the snakes a seven-run lead. Then the bullpen went to work, culminating in allowing an eighth inning grand slam to Mike Yastrzemski.

Arizona Now Paying for Sins of the Past

The team added only one above average talent in a stretch lasting more than five years. Now, the on-field product is paying the price.

Other Baseball News

10-Game Suspensions Loom on Horizon

MLB will begin aggressive enforcement of the pitchers using foreign substance rules on the 21st. Any pitcher caught using will suffer a 10-game suspension (with pay) that also prohibits the player’s team from replacing him on the roster for the duration of the suspension.

Foreign Substance Crackdown Ill Conceived

...this policy decision is typical of MLB in recent years: it’s heavy-handed and under-tested, and it goes to great and potentially damaging lengths to address a middling problem.

Tampa Bay’s Glasnow Blames Crackdown for Injury

The Tampa Bay Rays’ Tyler Glasnow will miss the rest of the season with a UCL injury that he blames on MLB’s sticky substance crackdown. According to Glasnow, in eliminating any sort of grip enhancer, he compensated by gripping the ball far too tightly, which led to the flexor and UCL issues that have sidelined him for the remainder of the season and threaten the need for Tommy John surgery.

Wainwright Admits to 2019 Foreign Substance Use

Adam Wainwright is openly admits to using foreign substances on the ball in 2019 to change the spin and flight path of the ball.

Bartolo Colon Tosses Complete Game at 48

Colon has not pitched in the Majors since 2018. That doesn’t mean has has stopped playing the game or entertaining baseball fans far and wide with his extraordinary on-field performances (good, bad, and ungly). On Saturday, Colon, now pitching for the Mexican League’s Acereros de Monclova, tossed a five-hit complete game in which he allowed two runs and struck out seven. He lowered his season ERA to 3.56 after five games. If Arizona’s pitching keeps up recent trends, it might be time to get on the phone to Colon’s agent.