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PYWs 2021: Week 11

Well then.

Jocelyn Alo of the Oklahoma Sooners yells while lifting the Womens College World Series trophy after she and her team won the tournament against Florida St. Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I asked you to narrate the rant that Torey Lovullo went on in the dugout. I was expecting a lot of “Downfall” Hitler Bunker type captions and instead we got... not much. Due to poor scheduling on my part, the article went up right in the middle of last Saturday’s Dbacks game and quickly got shuffled off the front page and out of sight from most users. Only one user got any recs, and therefor by default, I give you your winner, Justin27!

You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Luis! Luis: Lollygaggers! (2 recs)

And due to lack of recs in general, with the power invested in me by, well, me, I give everyone else who participated and did not recieve a rec one point in the standings. Shout out to DC, Hacks, Jack, and Nik! Remember folks, recs cost you nothing!


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 32
Diamondhacks 22
Justin27 14
Nikt77 11
AzRattler 8
MrMrrbi 8
Makakilo 6
Jim McLennan 5
Smurf1000 5
Preston Salisbury 3
Rockkstarr12 2
AzDbacksFanInDC 1

Obviously, not a ton of change in the standings. Justin does gain a point in Hacks and Jack in his quest to sneak up on our leaders, but that’s about it. DC, however, does make his first appearance in the standings with the point he picked up.

Admittedly, there isn’t a lot of fun and excitement for Diamondbacks fans during the innings these days. Usually, it’s just more pain and suffering and the Dbacks finding new and inventive ways to lose otherwise winnable games. This makes the between innings entertainment even more important, and, frankly, the team has been phoning that in in recent seasons. It’s the same five games on a rotation every day, and it’s just boring. Heck! Even the Legends race is pre-filmed these days! Your challenge is to come up with new between innings entertainment sections. Go!