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Diamondbacks 2, Mets 4: Still a Happy Mother’s Day

The D-Backs dropped their 7th straight and got swept for the second consecutive time in what has been a disappointing trip to the east coast.

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Torey Lovullo had a hefty left-handed hitters lineup prepared for Mets’ starter and right handed pitcher Jacob DeGrom. Not that the split really matters (lefies have an average of just over .220 against DeGrom), but you have to game plan something against the man who is arguably the league’s best pitcher.

But the Mets’ ace was eventually game planned by his own body as he left the game in the 6th, after struggling in the 5th, with what is apparently “side tightness”. I have no idea what that means. Was it good or bad news? I have no idea about that either. Until the 5th inning Jacob DeGrom looked like he was going to no hit the D-Backs, but in that 5th inning the D-Backs had the bases loaded with no outs.

Apart from that 5th inning and another small uprising in the 6th, the team went 0 for 6 with runners in scoring position and the bats were quiet for yet another game. The Mets weren’t that much better either, but a couple more hits and walks were enough to doom the D-Backs to their 7th consecutive loss and 2nd consecutive sweep.

Happy Mother’s Day!

While most of you were just getting out of bed or having a quiet breakfast, I was entering my final hours of the day already. With my mother in law quarrelling in the background with my wife, I was looking at a clean shaven pitcher with short hair and no tattoos who was firing 100 mph fastballs straight from the start. Easy outs, although VanMeter gets to a full count in that first inning but I think he did not see any pitch coming. Riley Smith starts for the pink Snakes today and he needs just 10 pitches to get 3 outs.

In the top of the 2nd inning Vogt nearly hits a single and Escobar flirts with a homer that is prevented by a nice backwards running grab from Conforto.

Riley Smith pitches well again in the second and gets 3 outs after issuing a lead off walk to Pete Alonso.

Now we head into the 3rd inning and my sister in law drops by. She is so terribly loud and I can hardly hear Bob and Berth. It doesn’t matter though because DeGrom makes quick work of the snakes that have turned into little worms. Unfortunately these worms don’t like apples.

The D-Backs start muddling in the bottom 3rd. McCann hits a single and DeGrom lays down a perfect bunt that gets him to 1st. A bad throw from Eduardo Escobar to Pavin Smith lets McCann advance to 3rd.

McNeil has then some kind of a swinging bunt that has the ball stop right in front of home plate so Vogt throws him out at 1st, but DeGrom moves to second. Lindor has a fly out to left field that brings in McCann. DeGrom advances to third. 1-0 Mets, they strike first. Conforto then beats the shift when he gets a sinker just at the top of the bat and he singles in DeGrom. 2-0 Mets, they extend the lead. An Alonso out ends the inning.

I thank that certain moms have left my place. That doesn’t sound very mother’s day respecting, but peace has entered my house and I can tell the kids to put on their pijamas. DeGrom ends the 4th inning on 38 pitches.

In the bottom of the 4th one of the highlights is that “Smith gets Smith to ground out to Smith.” Pillar gets a hit right over Ahmed, but is later caught stealing and thrown out at 1st in a run off. Villar pops out to end the inning.

In the top of the 5th Jacob DeGrom shows he is human: he walks Peralta, who leads off the inning, on 4 pitches which at least takes away the perfect game. Maybe we can get something going now? Vogt hits a ball to right center field and Pillar and Conforto both dive for the ball but miss it, allowing Vogt to move to 2nd and Peralta to 3rd, still with no outs. DeGrom then walks Escobar to load the bases with no outs. Ahmed pitifully grounds into a double play, but at least Peralta crosses home plate. 2-1 Mets, D-Backs claw one back.

With two outs VanMeter walks. We still have men on both corners. Christian Walker pinch hits for Riley Smith but swings and misses for the final out. What a wasted opportunity.

I have to walk to the kitchen a couple of times to serve food to the kids. My wife already had things precooked so it is easy preparation, but I tell my kids to call me the game. Enthousiastically, my little girl of 6 starts giving me the counts of the balls and strikes, while my boy of 10 tells me the plays. As such I understand that Alex Young got two quick outs, then walks McNeil. My kids start discussing over balls and strikes, so we completely miss that a Mets hitter reaches first base. The inning ends with a strike 3 call, but we missed out on who it was.

After getting out another time of the kitchen I see DeGrom is apparently bothered by something that probably explains his bad 5th inning and he is taken off the mound after the warm up. Miguel Castro relieves him. 26 year old Dominican right hander who is pitching way better this year than he normally does. I have to leave again and my boy tells me Pavin Smith was hit on the foot and got to first base. I see Castro keeps on throwing to the inside of the left handed hitter Rojas who walks on 4 balls. Castro continues to do so when he faces VanMeter. But VanMeter finally flies out, just like Peralta in the following at bat, although Smith and Rojas move up to second and third. Finally Vogt pops up, wasting yet another great opportunity to get in some runs. Castro thus escaped the inning on 30 pitches.

The kids are going to bed now and Kevin Ginkel comes in. We used to pray to Ahmed, but that seems futile nowadays so we all say a little prayer asking Ginkel to not blow up this game too much. But we aren’t heard as he walks Alonso on four pitches straight. He then hits Dominic Smith on the foot, who seems to enjoy getting hit by pitches, and after 9 pitches Ginkel has thrown just one strike. That is not how you are suppose to do things. After a quick mound visit he is able to have Pillar go down swinging for the first out. But he then walks his third batter in Villar and loads the bases for Bukauskas. Bukauskas gets McCann to strikeout, yay. But he then gives a free pass to ZZ Top and walks in the third run of the game. 3-1 Mets, they score after 3 walks and a HBP. What the $%&! With the bases still loaded he gets McNeil to ground out. Let’s just say it could have been worse.

In the top of the 7th it’s another Jacob pitching for the Mets: Jacob Barnes. Escobar is called out on 4 pitches and is tossed out while he walks away for whatever he might have said. Apparently he was angry on a missed call although he might have been angrier on himself for missing that 4th pitch. Torey storms out with foga power and is already thrown out of the game before he even gets to the umpire. Tossed out, storm out, thrown out or fly out: we do it all in this terrible inning.

In the bottom of the 7th Caleb Smith is requested to keep the game close but he sees Francisco Lindor reach first when Asdrubal Cabrera, replacing Escobar, botches the ball for an error. Conforto then hits a single into center and a Pete Alonso grounder to Caleb Smith moves runners to third and second. One out and Dominic Smith hits a single into right to bring Lindor home. 4-1 Mets, I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me. The rain is coming down seriously now, the skies weep over our performance and east coast visit. With runners on the corner and one out Pillar strikes out. After that Villar is called out on strikes to end the inning. I go to my kids’ room, give them a kiss and tell them to have sweet dreams (so, that excludes dreaming with the D-Backs).

I call my mother to thank her for being my mother. I hope you all called your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or whoever has been that female figure in your life that brought some sanity to your mind.

With one eye on FaceTime and the other on the D-Backs game, I see Jacob Barnes comes out again for the 8th, but he is struggling a lot more than he did in the previous inning. Asdrubal Cabrera goes full count before he hits one right over Pillar into left center field for a solo homerun. 4-2 Mets, but this D-Backs homer was launched for all the mothers of Diamondbacks’ fans.

Pavin Smith goes full count as well but he finally strikes out. After yet another long at bat that ends up in a Josh Rojas double, Barnes is lifted for closer Diaz. And while a bunch of Mets fans start screaming/singing “Diaz, Diaz, you suck”, (I noticed because I rewatched the 8th inning because, obviously, calling your parents and watching a game at the same time doesn’t work) the pitcher throws a 101 mph fastball right at the lower left leg of VanMeter. Now the Mets fans start screaming “let’s go Yankees”, so apparently they are not Mets fans. Or maybe they are and they are just freaking weird. Diaz induces a double play with a Peralta grounder and the inning is over. Matt Peacock gets a clean 1-2-3 inning in the bottom 8th. Who cares though.

In the top of the 9th Diaz gets strikeouts on Vogt and a pinch hitting Carson Kelly. Ahmed pops up for the final out, but while McCann and Diaz look at Villar running in, the Mets’ third baseman hesitates for a second and misses the ball and Ahmed is on first. No problem, Varsho strikes out and game over.

I wrap up my call with home and tell my mom I love her and so should all of you do if you still have that opportunity.

FanGraphs box score

(sorry Jim, the embed code didn’t work so I downloaded an image)

Mother Teresa: Josh Rojas led the way for the second consecutive day with a .122 WPA. (pure poetry)

Marge Simpson: way behind and despite an error, Asdrubal Cabrera and his homer were good for a .060 WPA.

Lynne Spears: no errors, but terrible at bats left Nick Ahmed with a -.158 WPA.

Evil Queen: David Peralta wrapped up a bad road trip with the worst performance of the day with a -.161 WPA.

Roll call

No Sedona red comments in a very quiet GDT, but I give a shoutout to Justin for a perfect Dutch sentence: the man has some talents. And quick fingers, because he gets SnakePit honours for entering most comments on today’s thread. Good for you!

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What is next?

After a disappointing visit to the East coast where the Snakes were somehow eaten by fish and thrown to death with apples by Mr. Met, the boys head back to the warm and cozy desert to start a home series of 7 consecutive games against the Marlins (yuck) and Nationals. No time to take a break as Luke Weaver will start tomorrow’s game at 6:30 PM MST against a mystery pitcher called TBD. Who will that be? Stop by tomorrow to find out!