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Diamondbacks 4, Mets 5: Rotten in the Big Apple

The D-backs dropped their fourth straight, after going 1-for-16 with runners in scoring position

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Back at it again folks, and this time immediately after a 10 mile ride from work. That means I’m VERY thirsty, and nothing cures thirst more than beer.

Beer 1: Teddy Gosevelt by 1912 Brewing Co

Never let anyone tell you I only drink IPAs, I just mostly drink them. A lot. Anyhow, just sat down after the aforementioned long bike ride and a sour beer seemed like just the refreshing ticket to kick things off today. I’ve earned, and so have all of you reading this. Cheers!

No action for us in the 1st, though Walker did improve his recovering average a bit with a single. Meanwhile Gallen enters the fray in the 2nd looking cool and collected as usual with his wild mass of hair somehow allowing for a cap to fit over it. Wish I had epic hair like that.....0-0 going in to the 2nd.

Pavin and Rojas get on base, and with 2outs Gallen somehow draws a walk despite (to my eyes) looking completely lost at the plate. Seriously folks, his swing is hilarious.
Also hilarious is the gravity well that is Lacastro. How can someone get hit this much by pitches? 1-0 Dbacks as the aforementioned HBP drives in our first run. Keep drinking readers.
Wow. Peterson is falling apart here in the 2nd as he issues another walk to bring home another D-back. I like this kind of party! 2-0 Dbacks.

Beer 2: Modern Miner Milkshake IPA by Smelter Town Brewery

My first sip, literally almost had me sputter this beer out. Not because it’s bad (it’s good as far as milkshake IPAs go), but because at the same time I saw Peterson walk ANOTHER Dback to bring in ANOTHER run. LLolollllllll. 3-0 Dbacks.

Peterson gets mercifully pulled from the game and Mets finally close out that half of the 2nd. What a wild way to get 3runs on the board.

Here in the bottom of the 2nd Gallen’s looking fine, but not his dominant self. Just looks like he’s trying to nibble at the edge of the zone, but can’t find it. Still, he gets through without too much trouble. Just hope he dials it in a bit more going forward. Still 3-0 Dbacks going in to the 3rd.

Cabrera leads off the 3rd with a hard hit single to right, then Ahmed’s 1out single brings up Rojas with 2snakes on the base paths. He then gets another single to juice the bases for Gallen. Not exactly the ideal person you want at the plate with the bases loaded but beggars can’t be choosers.

Somehow Gallen drove in a run, and almost pulled it off without an out. Well played Dbacks, well played. 4-0 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 3rd.
Gallen’s still a little rocky in the 3rd, and does allow his first run, but for now that’s just fine, but hopefully no more than that. 4-1 Dbacks going in to the 4th.

Beer 3: King Sue Imperial IPA by Toppling Goliath (small pour)

Yes I had this beer during a previous Beercap, and if it wouldn’t ruin the structure of every subsequent article I’d have it all the time. It’s that good. Same can’t quite be said about our bats, who’ve benefited more from questionable Mets pitching than anything else. That point gets illustrated quite clearly in the 4th as we strand Kelly and Walked after they get on to lead off the inning. Ughhhhhh.

Gallen settled down a bit in the 4th, getting back to his scoreless ways. So we’re off to the 5th still up 4-1. Keep drinking.

3rd pitcher of the night steps up to the mound here in the 5th. That does not bode well for any team at the start of a series, but that’s not my problem blessedly. Still no Dbacks fireworks outside of Rojas getting his 3rd hit of the night. He’s been absolutely on fire, love that guy. Still 4-1 going in to the bottom of the 5th.

Another scoreless inning for Gallen and this previously slow game has sped up a bit. Still 4-1 going in to the 6th and it’s just about time for another beer.....

Beer 4: Sunken Isles IPA by Harland Brewing Co.

Still no offense despite all the walks and other Mets induced silliness from earlier, but we still go in to the bottom of the 6th up three runs. Gotta keep at it boys!

Gallen’s wheels are still on but wobbling, as he allows his second run of the game and with 2outs here in the 6th the tying run is at the plate. Luckily he’s able to get out of what will likely be his last inning without any further blood given. Now it’s time to see if the bullpen is up to the challenge. 4-2 Dbacks heading to the 7th.

Varsho almost made my dreams come true as he was just barrrrreeeellllyyyyy robbed of a 2run blast. So close, yet so far. Still 4-2 going towards the bottom of the 7th.
Caleb Smith, very much giving zero f$&@s, just blew his nose in to his hand and wiped it all over the ball. Lovely, though I guess it lead to our first out in the 7th. At what cost though?

Apparently Caleb’s not so healthy act jinxed him and soon thereafter Lindor crushes a 2run bomb deep in to left and we’re now tied. Keep drinking.

Locastro leads off the 8th with a walk and a stolen base, but like seemingly everyone else he gets stranded. So once again it’s up to our shaky bullpen to hold off the wolves once again. 4-4 heading to the bottom half of the 8th.

Clarke barely gets out of trouble (at least to my eyes) in the 8th and we’re off to the 9th, and hopefully not much longer than that. I gotta bike ride home. Keep drinking. No stopping.

Beer 5: Star Cloud IPA by Modern Times

Cabrera tried, he really did, but he’s 10 years to old now to leg out a double like that. Can’t hate him for trying, heck, he’s been a great pick up overall. He’s just got no legs no more. So with that in mind still no runs and I’m not interested in finding new or different beers this late in to a game.

I’m both happy and annoyed we’re in extra innings. Dammit, I wanna go home. Lol at me.
Keep drinking, free baseball, no stopping.

Despite the new runner-starts-at-2nd-in-extras rule our Dbacks present us with a big nothingburger. Yum.

Mets turn to free me/ ruin my day, let’s see how they do...

Crichton, true to his form, does not throw boring innings. That’s exacerbated by the new rule and thus we quickly find ourselves in a bases loaded jam with only 1out. Very comforting.

And we lose. Ughhhh . Night all. Tip your bartender well.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

Click for details at
Kirk: Joakim Soria, +29.9%
Spock: Zac Gallen, +12.8%
KHAAAAAAAANNNNN! Caleb Smith, -30.8%
Klingons: Crichton, -20.0%; Escobar, -17.6%

The D-backs have now gone a startling 3-for-44 with runners in scoring position on this road trip, and their failure to score the gift runner in the 10th meant they are now 1-12 when there are no free tacos. Caleb Smith picked up Arizona’s eighth blown save of the season - they only had nine all of last year. Present in the Gameday Thread tonight were: AzDbackfanInDc, DeadManG, Diamondhacks, GuruB, Imstillhungry95, Jack Sommers, Jim McLennan, Kram Isterpf, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, NikT77, Oldenschoole, Smurf1000, Snake_Bitten, edbigghead, gzimmerm and kilnborn. Comment of the Thread was Jack’s bit of food porn:

It’s not going to get easier for the D-backs tomorrow, with Merrill Kelly returning from his vague absence. It’s another 4:10 pm start against these Mets, as we try to avoid losing five in a row.