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Meme Monday 5/3: The Winning Continues

The Diamondbacks came home since our last MM, splitting what I consider an oddly scheduled 2 game series against the Padres, an NL West opponent. From there the team entered a 4 game series against the Colorado Rockies taking 3 of 4 and continuing to move forward offensively. In Saturday’s game against Colorado, Torey left Peaock in for waaaaay to long which almost gave Keegan a heart attack. There was also position players pitching in the Saturday game, and a complete shtt-show of position player moves by Dbacks manager Torey Lovullo. The good outweighs the bad and the team continues to play well overall given the injuries and the schedule AND the bullpen. Anyway, that’s a quick recap of the week, now help me put it in meme form.

My experience