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PYW’s 2021: Week 9

It’s time for the board meeting. What new advertising slogans are we going to pitch?

Renata Lusin poses with the trophy during the final show of the 14th season of the television competition “Let’s Dance”  Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

fLast week, I asked you to come up with a new marketing slogan for the Diamondbacks, as a way of enticing people to spend 4+ hours watching a baseball team be publicly humiliated. You had ideas. I believe that this is the first time this season that we had red comments that didn’t make it onto the podium. I’ve always said this article is easiest to write when the team is struggling, and I think this week shows that.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to the winners! In first place, we have Justin!

Who will blow it today? Anybody, Anytime.(7 recs)

(link to referenced ad from 2007)

It’s funny cause it’s true! Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go cry softly and think about what could have been if Brandon Webb, Connor Jackson, Chad Tracy, et al had managed to even stay remotely healthy...

In second place, we find Jack!

Pretend to Contend! Diamondbacks baseball! (6 recs)

One has to wonder, is anyone in the org even pretending at this point? I mean, I guess they haven’t started the second round of the fire sale yet, but still...

And rounding out our top three, MrMrrbi!

DBacks Baseball: We’ve Got Air Conditioning! (5 recs)

And here we find the real reason most Arizonians go to Chase during the summer...

Let’s take a look and update those standings, shall we?


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 31
Diamondhacks 21
Justin27 10
Nikt77 10
AzRattler 8
MrMrrbi 8
Makakilo 6
Smurf1000 5
Rockkstarr12 2

His strong first place finish this week moves Justin into a tie for third place. However, Jacks second place finish gives him a whopping ten point lead over second place and TWENTY over Nik and Justin in third. It is starting to look like a runaway, but all anyone needs is just a few weeks like the winning contestants had this time around and they’d be right in the thick of things.

Well, folks, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the Diamondbacks lost their twelfth game in a row on Friday night. What needs to happen for this streak to be broken? Go!