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Snake Bytes: 5/26 - Abused

If I eat my meat, can we have a new owner instead?

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Diamondbacks News

San Francisco 8, Arizona 0

Corbin Martin’s second outing as a Diamondback was not as promising as his first. The newest member of the injury-plagued rotation surrendered six runs in only four innings. Arizona’s loss wasn’t all on him though. The Diamondbacks offense was shut out by the combined efforts of the Giants’ pitchers, led by Kevin Gausman.

Team Needs to Play Better

Arizona GM, Mike Hazen, had little positive to say about his floundering team. The Diamondbacks have currently lost nine straight and are 4-19 in the month of May. According to Hazen, June 1st is usually the rough date where teams step back and evaluate what they have and where they are going for the season.

“I don’t have any real assessments to give you on what we’re thinking. But we need to start playing better. And that’s probably about as succinct as I can put it.”

With the more than half the roster being comprised of players that don’t belong in the majors, that’s easier said than done.

Giants Continue Arizona’s Slump

Put plainly, the Giants soundly beat the Diamondbacks in every aspect of the game on Tuesday. Thankfully for Arizona fans, there was a Suns playoff game next door, so there was no one at Chase to see the embarrassing loss.

Hazen Left with Tough Decisions

Mike Hazen was not prepared to use Arizona’s current injury situation as a full-blown excuse for Arizona’s woeful play in May. He did, however, make sure that everyone understands the extra challenges being injury-riddled brings.

“Now, forgive me for bringing up that half of the position player group is banged up right now, but it probably explains some of that,” Hazen said. “There are guys being asked to do more than maybe what we were asking them to do in April. …

Diamondbacks Sign Dario Agrazal to Minor League Deal

The dumpster diving for depth continues in the desert. The Diamondbacks have signed Agrazal to a minor league deal to help mediate some of the injuries problems facing the rotation. Agrazal’s only MLB experience can in 14 games for the Pirates in 2019. It did not go well. The Diamondbacks also added Josh Lucas. Lucas’ last taste of the Majors also came in 2019, where he was an ineffective reliever for nine games and 15+ innings for the Baltimore Orioles.

Other Baseball News

Sho-Time Goes Hard Hitting

Ohtani moved back into a tie for second place on the MLB home run leader board with his 15th homer of the season Tuesday night. Travelling only 380 feet, the distance wasn’t really anything to get excited over. The 117 mph exit velocity on the other hand...

Vlad Jr. Continues to Mash

Speaking of the home run leader board, remember last year, when there were already critics beginning to write off Vladdy Jr? Well, the yolks on them. Vlad too, went deep last night, to set the MLB home run pace at 16. Oh, he’s also hitting .337 with a 1.121 OPS.

Kluber Pulled After Three with Shoulder Tightness

The Yankees may be losing their most recent no-no pitcher to the IL.