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Meme Monday 5/24: The Bad News Snakes

Things could be better

Welcome to the latest edition of Meme Monday, bros. To re-cap the last week: Taylor Widener returned from the IL and started yesterday’s series finale v Colorado. That lasted an entire 5 batters before it was clear that Widener was hurt and he was pulled from the game. F$%^&! F@#%$! F@#$! Aside from that, The Dbacks have also DFA’d Yoan Lopez and he was then traded to our #1 trade-partners, The Atlanta Braves. Aside from losing 8 games in a row, and being swept on the road in 7 games, some bit of good news in that Ketel Marte has returned from the IL and the team has a much needed day off can’t lose if you don’t play. Times are tough in the slums we’re from, so bring a smile to your face, or someone else’s with a meme and enjoy the day off!

Ed taking shots at Keegan about his work ethic...
and then Keegan fired back....