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PYW’s 2021: Week 8

Last week, I asked you to come up with walk up music for Diamondback Players. Let’s see what you came up with

Italy’s Maneskin poses with their trophy at the end of a press conference after winning the final of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest at the Ahoy convention centre in Rotterdam Photo by SANDER KONING/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Two red comments this week, which is always nice to see. Definately a little bit of... skirting the rules of the prompt with some generous interpretations of what constitutes a player, but they were quality suggestions, so I’ll allow it. Hacks, however, lead the way with this gem for Tim Locastro!

Locastro I Get Around (5 Recs)

(link to the sng)

In second place, we find NikT77 for another week in a row. I’m not sure if the D-backs Head Trainer counts as a player per se, but with how many injuries the team has had, he probably has made enough appearances to warrant a walk up song, so it works!

Ryan DiPanfilo Yakety Sax (4 recs)

(link to song)

Perfect. And rounding out the top three of what probably should be renamed the Jack Sommers Podium at this point, is Jack Sommers!

If I may — A second entry. Torey Lovullo Love Hurts (3 Recs)

(link to song)

That about sums up his life right now, I’d say. Now let’s see how this shakes out in the standings, shall we?


Player Recs
Player Recs
Jack Sommers 24
Diamondhacks 21
Nikt77 10
AzRattler 8
Makakilo 6
Smurf1000 5
Justin27 4
MrMrrbi 3
Rockkstarr12 2

Jack maintains first place, however, Hacks cuts his lead down significantly with his first place finish this week. Meanwhile, not that far behind, Nik has moved into third place, sneaking towards the conversation at the top. Will there be time for him to reach the top before the ASG? We’ll see...

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it hasn’t been a great month for our Hometown Team. In fact, it’s arguably been pretty god awful. However, tickets still need to be sold. Help out the marketing team and come up with a slogan to help sell tickets, even when there are infinitely better things to be doing right now. Go!