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Meme Monday 5/17: 50/50 Mix

A little bit of FTD, and some Sedona-Red blues.

Welcome to the very latest Meme Monday, folks. Just to update everyone on the past week’s happenings, the team has added 3 more players to the IL: Carson Kelly, Chris Devenski, and J.B.Bukauskus. Then in yesterday’s game Luke Weaver was pulled after 4 innings with was was later revealed to be a shoulder issue. Weaver was throwing a SOLID game before his exit. Kill me quickly,.... right? The Diamondbacks also split a 4 game series with the Marlins at Chase. Then were pummeled by Max Scherzer and the Nats in game 1 of a 3 game series, with the Dbacks eventually losing the series v Washington.

Also some other big news in our neck of the NL Woods, Albert Pujols signed a MLB deal with Dodger-evil. Do the Dodgers even need that guy? What is their motivation for signing Pujols? Evil. Pure evil. So far the Dodgers have found some competition in the NL West and have not cake-walked into a huge division lead as predicted by all those L.A. di#kheads and writers.

Enjoy the memes I have made, found, were texted to me, etc. FTD.

Yes, cry for me.